BUZZ…..haircut time!!

My barber, Felicia, came to my house this evening to cut my hair.  She has been my barber for a few years and nice enough to come to me because it’s such a challenge for me to go there.  Always listens and gives me the cut I want and uses mostly scissors.  Plus she is very nice.

I like my hair short with enough on top to stand it up with gel or clay or wuteva.  This time she never shut up (cute but racy) and she BUZZED my hair clean off.  There isn’t enough to stand up.  Heck not even enough to see!!!!!

I can’t even look in a mirror.  I scared the bejesus out of me.  going on one a.m.  I’m home and I’m wearing a hat.  Think I’ll wear it to bed.

NO.  There is no photo.


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