Facts That Are NOT True: Scientific Theory vs Conspiracy Theory

OK, the fight is Scientific Theory vs Conspiracy Theory

I’m lovin this site, Wild Wild Weather, especially this about scientific facts:

Fact: Relativity, Climate Change, Evolution, Landing on the Moon (Insert your conspiracy here) is just a theory, and has not been proven.

Science never proves anything. To be a theory it MUST be falsifiable. In other words, it must be possible to do an experiment, that COULD prove it wrong. This is the difference between a belief, and a scientific theory. In Science, theories OUTRANK laws. Oh, and so far, no one has yet been able to falsify any of the above. Actually, nearly every experiment done has made the theories even more solid.

More at:  http://wildwildweather.com/forecastblog/2009/02/scientific-facts-that-arent-true/

Thanks Dan!


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