You have seen him on Pawn Stars: Counts Kustoms and Danny Koker in Las Vegas

If you ever watch the Pawn Stars series on the History Channel you have seen the great work Danny Koker, @DannyCountKoker, does on vehicles Rick Harrison and his crew buy.

From wicked choppers to sweet hot rods, Danny and Count’s Kustoms does it all!

You can see his shop by clicking on this post.

Danny should have his own TV show.  Oh, wait….he already did that shit.

Danny Koker used to have his own TV show in Las Vegas where he took on the “Count” nickname and dressed as kind of an Elvis/Dracular merge while introducing the days movie for the audience.

Now it looks like Danny may get another chance to be the ‘star’ in a TV show with all the good publicity he gets from the Pawn Stars serie.  he would not be the first person who turned into a spin-off series, but he would certainly be one of the best.

Danny’s Facebook page is here.

In Las Vegas @countskustoms is the off-the-beaten-path cool place to go.

Check out the U Tube and thanks Danny Koker!!  Good to see things going so well.

Twitter @CountsKustoms and @DannyCountKoker

In Vegas check out VampdVegas, I hear Danny is doing great things with this long-time Vegas Rock n Roll bar.  Drinks, eats  live music.

Twitter @VampdVegas

go Danny go


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