1912 Harley-Davidson bike From American Pickers And Antique Archeology

From Mike at American Pickers/Antique Archaeology.  Sweet for 100 years old.

If you watch the American Pickers TV series on the Discovery Channel you probably saw Mike Wolfe drag this bike out of the dirt.

I love these old bikes.  They show the starting point that got us to the new technological wonders we design, build and drive now.

There is just something intriguing about these simpler machines.  you look at them and imagine what it must have been like to ride on one of these way back when.  Can you imagine being a bike rider a hundred years ago?

Even better, can you imagine stumbling on a beauty like this one and being able to buy it for a great price??


Thx @AmericanPickers

Here’s Indian Jeff riding a different 1912 Harley in Seattle, Washington.


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