More Tech Reactions stuff

The more i think about it the truer Douglas Adams findings about how we react to technology are TRUE for me.

At work I was always the executive who embraced change and new ‘things’ including technology. I always viewed the world thru the eyes of an 18 year old, even tho i was 18 in 1969.
That included computers. I loved them, used them, built them and fixed them. I was king of computers and could make a career of it. I didn’t…but i could have.

Lately i cannot even touch a piece of technology without it going FRZZZT. These are post-age 50 inventions. Networking, smartphones, new cars etc. I still buy em and use em, i just have trouble understanding them. So I could write DOS and eventually HTML. But not XML. yeh, i know. I find i don’t want to make the effort as i used to. it’s too much like work.

i don’t even enjoy generic ‘change’ like i used to. i find myself talking about how “it” started or what it “used to be”. Like my mom who spends all of her time talking about the 1940s or my grandmother who always talked about how things were in the 1890-1920 period. Crazy me.

Got anything u want me to fry for you?


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