My motor vehicles

I saw a blog today where the dude listed his cars, had photos and discussed their +’s & -‘s.

Somewhere I have pics of each (old timey printed photos from negatives). Do u kids even know what those r??

So until i find them and fry my scanner FZZZZZT getting them converted to digital, the list below will have to suffice.

late 50s Plymouth 2 door
friends of my mom gave me this car when their oldest son went in the Air Force and off to Libya. They bought it new and it was like 1970 when I got it. It had a pushbutton transmission which was cool cool cool. But it had electrical gremlins which created an untraceable short which drained the battery. Lots of pushing. Someone had also poured hot oil all over it. Untouchable stains. They repainted but it still leaked thru.

1962 Volkwagon Bug
How could you go to college in late 60s/early 70s without a Bug?? Loved that car. went thru 2 engines. Eventually traded it for the Cutlass.

early 60s English Ford 2 door
I bought this from the guy across the street in like 1975. Never saw another. Like he told me “when you can start it up it just runs and runs. Of course starting it was often a problem. Unless you pushed it. Traded it for a 10 speed bike and a horn from a big horn sheep.

1977 Oldsmobile Cutlass 2 door (can you see i like coupes??)
I bought this in 1979. big special order 403ci V8, HD brakes and trasmission. Yellow hard top with tan interior and bench seat. Great car, hot looking, chick magnet. I owned it for like 23 years and eventually donated it for the tax deduction.

2002 Nissan Maxima. Tannish/brownish/goldish color. they called it sandstone think.
Sweet ride. Never had a problem. Traded it in for the Acura.

2004 Acura TL. Might have been my favorite if my Caddy wasn’t listening.
I wanted the white one but they gave me a discount on the dark gray. I came to love that color and the car took a zillion trips (as did the others) to Tahoe, Monterey, Los Angeles, Vancouver, San Francisco environs etc.

2008 Cadillac CTS. I traded in the Acura.
Big 304hp DI V6. The CTS is all creases and angles. From the front (or in your rearview) it looks like a big ole caddy. but it’s actually a mid-size car. I love it and I’m glad i bought it.

Next car:
Hard to say but I still want the Porsche Cayman and love the ride of the E Class Merc. But I love trucks….just not the mileage part. And bad ass bikes……just not the crashing part.

we shall see. what have you driven? favorite? photos??


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