Suiseki Japanese Rock Art

Suiseki.  The art of stone appreciation.  Rocks cut, formed and shaped by nature into beautiful and stunning works of art.

In Japanese culture very often smaller stones that represent the much larger formations that actually live as our hills and mountains.  Volcanic formations and other geological wonders all around us.

The love of my life had an uncle who made these  sculptures. They are not formed or cut, but natural rocks placed on hand-made bases which fit only one rock.

He always said the rocks called to him. He would be driving in the mountains, suddenly pull over slamming on his brakes and go scurrying down the hill, bringing back an incredible rock.

I have four of his pieces. This one below is from an artist in Japan.

More about Suiseki art here.

Suiseki is in essence the art of appreciation of stones, but may also refer to the stones or sculptures themselves.

The Mellow Monk has some good photos on his Green Tea Blog here

Stones shaped by nature.  Once you begin to see the beauty in these stones you cannot escape them..



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