California Dreamin’: Places to Visit in California

Most of you live in places I’ll never get to experience.  That’s a shame because I enjoy visiting new places,  new people, food, sites, sounds and…..

In Cali we are fortunate to be blessed with such diversity of people and places that it is almost hard to describe, If you have not yet been to California, if you are planning to come or even if you just dream of coming to see us, here are some places in California that you just cannot afford to miss.

San Francisco, North Beach, Chinatown, The Golden Gate Bridge and others

You can walk or bike across the bridge it gives you an incredible activity and amazing sites.

Golden Gate Bridge

Isn’t she beautiful?

I have a post about the great San Francisco cable cars here.  Check it out!

Monterey, Pebble Beach, Monterey Bay Aquarium, 17 Mile Drive  and others

I miss the Monterey area.  One of the spiritual sites in California

The Aquarium is amazing but the bay is even more so…..

Kelp Exhibit, Monterey Bay Aquarium Photos

See my post specific to Monterey, the bay & peninsula and the aquarium here.

The Devils Postpile National Monument

Make sure you check my post on this wonderous site.  The Postpile is hard to describe in a few sentences.  Stunning.  Shocking.  Curious.  A beautiful area in the high Sierras.  Don’t miss it.

Lake Tahoe

it is quite a site to come over the mountain and see this sparkling jewel in the valley below.


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