The iPod Nano–gen 4 & 5 vs gen 6 and The iPod Touch

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If you saw my earlier post on what happened on my street last week you know my iPod was stolen.

I loved that gen 4 Nano.  Blue and engraved on the back “Lee’s Cadillac“.  Looked like this ‘cept the color.

iSkin Duo Case (Frost Clear)

I now bought a gen 6 Nano.  It cost basically the same as I paid for the first one.  $100 or so.  But the kicker is that my 4th gen player is selling for $300!!!

I had an iPod Touch and liked it a lot.  But the dam thing just didn’t like the water.  I said “sink or swim buddy”.  Damned if it didn’t go ahead and sink!!!

Apple 8GB Refurbished iPod nano 6th Generation (Green)

I like the old one.  This one is like 2 inches square.  So small.  incredibly so.  Thx @apple for such great products!!

Update September 19th:

So, I have had my iPod Nano for a few months now and wanted to give you an update on my experience so far.

I installed the iPod in my Cadillac CTS, replacing the stolen Gen 4 Nano that .  The Caddy, as you probably know, was one of the first cars to be iPod ready for both sound and data and allowing the steering wheel mounted controls to take over the iPod buttons and switches,

Once it installed with their special cable, you can completely control the iPod and never have to touch it again.  In fact you store it in a little cubby beneath the flip-up divider between the front seats and never even see it except when you pull it out to sync it and add some new songs.

The small size works well for the Cadillac installation.  The Gen 4 Nano fit, but not as well as the new Gen 6.

Of course the steering wheel controls work the same and the Bose sound is the same since I made no changes to the sound system.

I am happy with the Nano, but I still like my iPod Touch better.  I use it for most applications outside the car and I like  the functionality and apps.  Kind of like an iPhone without the phone.  🙂  And, of course I use my Droid smartphone as a MP3 player if that’s all I have.

Syncing the Apple products is just so much easier.  Trouble-free and simple.  In fact, that’s my standard complaint about Apple.  They make things so simple to use it is like a 6th grader designed them.  It’s good but it’s strange.

I feel comfortable recommending the Nano for installation in a car and with the accessories like the arm band holder I imagine the small size would be better appreciated in non-car applications like jogging, travel etc.

But all things considered I would say buy the iPod Touch if you are looking for a player.  The  applications that you can install and the ability to use it as an e-reader (mini-Kindle), video machine, game machine etc, make it the easier choice.  Unless it is a price decision.  Then you are better off looking for some generic MP3 player.  There are many good ones.

Interested in how Apple came up with the Gen 6 Nano design?

Click this link and you can read a good article on the process that took Apple from the design of the Gen 4/5, which was stolen from my car, to the Gen 6 Nano that I bought as a replacement.  It also discusses the iPod Shuffle, which I have not used.


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