Stories From Home: A Great Blog With Photos & Stories From California And Other Places

Devil's Postpile National Monument, Reds Meado...

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I found a new blog that I just love.  The name of the blog is Stories From Home

This is a true artist with a camera.  The stories that go with the photos are good as well.

It was the photos of Yosemite that hooked me, but as I looked around I found myself clicking thru the various Tags and viewing beautiful photographs of places I have never seen and may never get the opportunity to visit.

The Yosemite photographs are just stunning and bring back so many good memories.  You already know that I selected Yosemite as the one place in California that I recommend visitors cannot miss.  Even though I had a full list of places for you to visit if you dream about California.  And, of course, The Devils Postpile National Monument.

Nice nice nice!!!  Take a look and subscribe if you like the work.

Check out his blog and photography here:



  1. David Patterson says:

    Just noticed your post about my blog, and just wanted to say thanks for the kind words 🙂

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