replacement canopy for gazebo and back yard photos

Gazebo villa vecchia

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I usually don’t recommend internet shopping sites here (in fact this is my first).

I have 2 gazebos‘s in my backyard.  Over the winter a severe windstorm ripped one of the canopies.

my problem?  Besides the tears which could not be repaired, I could not find the documentation and could not find any markings on the gazebo itself.  The shape of the frame made it difficult to determine if a canopy on the web would fit or not.

Then I found Gardenwinds at

They helped me track down the model and exact replacement canopy.  Great service in the endless loop days.  Nice work and good peeps.

They also have replacement cushions and other “yard” kin da stuff.

This may be my one and only recommended site.

Update September 10:

Well, finally got the new canopy on top of the back gazebo (as opposed to the front gazebo, which does not need a replacement canopy.  YAY!).  Thanks to my friend Carlos who worked hard on a very muggy morning that was already close to 80 and climbing to 100 the gazebo is looking like it’s old self.

Now I just have to find someone to help get me out to the back patio so I can eyeball it up close and maybe enjoy it for an afternoon before summer ends.

Here are two photos of the finished product!

And while we are at it, here is a nice photo of my favorite cactus after a nice haircut!!  Anyone want a few cactus arms?  Plus ’em in the ground, water them once and leave them be.  The flowers only open one night (yes at night).  They are huge (huge)  and have a strong sweet smell.  I will post some photos of the flowers for you.

Here is the dining table under the front gazebo.  The gas BBQ and the wood fired pit & smoker are next to this gazebo.


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