The Original Sixteen to One gold mine

Lots of gold mines in California even now, but the Original Sixteen to One mine is different.  And when you drive into the area from Nevada City in Nevada County California, it is like being transported back to the 1850’s.  Even the people in town look 1850’s. (actually 1896 when the mine was started) but the miners REALLY do.  Nice hard-working folks in Alleghany California which is in Sierra County.

Check it out—the photo below is of the last working mule at the mine, and a miner.  This photo was taken in 1950 (yes, nineteen-fifty).

This mine even sells shares and usually makes a profit selling the gold and silver ore. They even have a nice museum and will do some limited tours if you schedule ahead.

Gold in the Hills!!!

If you go, have fun!  and don’t forget to come back to 2011.

They also have some very skilled craftsmen who make jewelry.

My nice ring doesn’t have as much gold nuggets as this one but it is the same 16k.



  1. Very nice site.


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