Lightning Medicine Cloud: Sacred White Buffalo Murdered

All white buffalos are important and some white buffalos are sacred,  this site has a nice report about a white buffalo born  in June 2011.

Awhite buffalo was named Lightning Medicine Cloud was born on a stormy night in May, 2011 complete with thunder and lightning.  he was born on the Lakota Buffalo Ranch in Texas.

A true white buffalo, not an albino buffalo which is a different animal, is a one-in-ten-million occurrence.  Very very rare.  True white buffalos must have a black nose, black lips and a black tip on their tail.  Albino buffalos do not have these markings.

Lightning Medicine Cloud even has his own web site.  Cool huh….

Update September 3rd:

There is a Pow-Wow scheduled at the ranch home of Lightning Medicine Cloud, the sacred white buffalo.

When:  September 16th & 17th, 2011

Where: Lakota Ranch,

2888 HWY 380
Greenville, TX  75401


You can find a map to the ranch here.

This photo of Lightning Medicine Cloud was taken on July 23, 2011

May 8, 2012:

Lightning Medicine Cloud, not yet one year old, was found dead and skinned on his Texas ranch about one week ago.

A very large birthday party had been planned for the sacred buffalo who was seen as an important symbol for people of all races.

Little Soldier said the calf’s mother, which was found dead and skinned the next day, was poisoned. The calf’s father was struck and killed by lightning in April.”

May 12th:

A ranch in Oregon has donated a 7 year old white buffalo bull to the Texas ranch in hopes that a new baby Sacred white buffalo may be born.

Non-albino white buffalo like Lightning Medicine Cloud are extremely rare and revered by Native American nations.

The bull, named Chief Hiawatha, is given in the spirit of friendship in the hopes that “protect not only the buffalo but to protect him (Arby Little Soldier) and his family,” Hart-Button (owner of the Oregon ranch) said.”



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