Annual Honored Elders Day

If you are in (or will be visiting) California, please attend the 44th Honored Elders Day.  This event is still often called the 44th Annual Native American Day, but we welcome elders and families of all nationalities.

Native Americans, as well as most cultures, have a deep belief that our elders lead the way with their wisdom and sense of history and of place.  We always honor them and we are fortunate that the State of California provides a day each year to publicly honor native elders and include the opportunity to honor all elders.

Prior events have been held the first Saturday in June at the California State Indian Museum at Sutter’s Fort in Sacramento.  This year it rained out, so it will be held September 22nd on the grounds of California State Capitol in Sacramento.

The celebration includes native music and dance, prayers, vendors and food (free for our elders, inexpensive for the rest of us).

This is a family-friendly day and a great opportunity to teach our children the way of the elders.

We carry our ancestors in our heart.  They bless us every day.

Please share this information with folks you know, and when you go take your favorite elders with you.  Celebrate them every day!


Need more Elders in your life??  Adopt a Native Elder.



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