More Chopper Sites

To start:  here is an excellent write-up on the history of motorcycles.   It should be required reading for any rider or anyone who thinks they want to ride a bike.

it is also a good site for all of you dirt bike aficionados.  They also have a lot of scooter information (motorized and not).

History is important to all of us that live today.  Without the brothers who came before us we would not have the freedom to ride that we enjoy now.

Take some time to learn the history because it is your history.

All American Cycles is not only a registered HD dealer but they have custom bikes of all types including this hot chopper.  Chop chop…..








Bones Choppers has pics of many really nice choppers.  I like their philosophy:  “If it doesn’t make it faster, you don’t need it”

Chica’s Black Magic cycle is for sale.







Just 45k.  Buy 2 and donate the extra to ME!!

I have an entire post about Chica and his bikes here.  For my money, Chica designs and builds the best custom bikes around.  I just wish I could afford one.

Hawgzotic is another great Canadian builder.  Nice red Hawg.



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