Television shows I like

As you can tell from my usual header, I like hot rods, choppers, guns, poker and crap like that.  Guy stuff.  Well, add chicks to that list cuz I like them lots.

But when it comes to TV I am all guy, so add sports to the list.  Shows that I do watch (and why) are:

American Chopper & offsprings

I have been watching this for a few years now and still like it in all various forms, even the Bike Buildoff shows on Discovery Channel.  People say it’s about the people, but if I was a bike I would say it’s about the bikes (stoopid)

Sons of Guns

Let’s see:

  • design and build wicked guns…..check
  • shoot the damn guns…..check
  • blow lots of crap up…..check
  • do it all again…..oh yeh, check and mate

NOTE:  I had to edit this post because I find I am not enjoying this season (2012) as much as I did the first year.  Why?

  1. Vince is gone and he was their best gunsmith plus he was good on the show.  Funny and other peeps seemed to respect him.
  2. the marriage between Chris and the onl chick on the show.  Why marry her off?  Plus Chri has alway been a knucklehead.  I know I kept hearing Will says he had ‘potential’ but I always wanted to see him get fired.
  3. they got married in Vegass?  (I guess) Just not what I expected but I guess trailer-iti can get to you
  4. all just IMHO

I wantch it some but lat year it was GREAT, now…but it’s hella better than that American Guns shit.

Now I watch Swamp People.  Hell Yeah!!

Swamp People

Peeps in the swamp.  Well, and gators

Top Gear

Cars, racing and crashes.  Let’s see… come I like this?

Football and basketball

Other team sports just bore the crap outta me


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