The World’s Fastest Indian

I had to watch this movie a 2nd time before writing about it.  I liked it even more the 2nd time.  You see so much more the next time around, don’t you?

Most of you know the story.  I remember hearing of the record as a young guy.  I had not seen the movie though until @Lo5man lent it to me.  I owe ya bro.

Anthony Hopkins stars as the motorcycle racer Burt Munro from New Zealand.  Burt has already set speed records by the time this movie finds him headed toward some semblance of old age.  Except for Burt it means he must make his dream of racing on Bonneville Salt Flatscome true.  And does he ever.  His travels and the people he meets are the treasure, and the diamond is the Indian.  He rides it (after many problems) to over 200 MPH, burning his leg up in  the process, and setting a new land-speed record.  His record for an under 1000cc bike STILL stands.

Way to go Burt, you taught all of us about what it means to work toward our dream.  Godspeed brother.  The god of speed accepted your offerings.

The old Indian lives to fight another day”  I usually struggle with uses of Native names, places terms for mascots etc, but I love the fact that Indian engines are still some of the best EVER made.

You can read Burt here.  I recommend the movie.  Even old bikers cry when he sets the record during Speed Week on the Flats.

A youTube video is from a short documentary produced years before the movie.


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