2012 HD V-Rod Night-rod Special

It’s not a chopper…..yet.   But it’s a nice departure for HD.

Build your own or just check out the new ones and dream a bit.

I like the V-Rod series.  Not what I expect to see in a Harley.  It is beefy like I expect, but from there it’s just a stretch for me.

I gotta say I’m digging the black on black Night-Rod action with the fat twin pipes ending in the flat silver mufflers.

None of those usual shiny parts here.  Hard ass all the way.

It’s my imagination I am sure, but I can almost hear this Harley whine instead of hiccup.

The red pinstiping and red-wall tires set the paint off nicely.  Or wickedly.  It is decidedly wicked for an off-the-rack Harley.

But I’m liking it, definitely.  Thanks @harleydavidson



  1. I bought a brand new harley davidson night rod special and ever since the 1000 mile tune up has been nothing but a problem with all the aftermarket parts I have on it the intake filter and replaced the pipes at the end to get better sound and let it breath.It was stalling and would. Go dead.when they did the dyno tune the girl noticed it and i asked what it was hoping to hear her say is, we will look into it.She did nothing and when i called to c if i could come pick up she asked me if i could come the next day so the could clean it. So i said shure and was proud of them for cleaning it.came in the girl was in here normal mood”mean” as always. Bike was dirtyer more than when i gave it to them with morre oil all down the belt. Gg gaurd.I wasnt going to go back in cause the girl is nothing but a bitch and thinks she can treat customers like that.it get worse but i am way to pissed of about how fucked over

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