The Church of Choppers

Pray my brethren, for the Church of Choppers will save your soul.

So much to talk about.  Besides the blog, which I return to often, the choppers rule.

Plus they show us the Beaver House.  Check this place out, wish I could see it eye to eye.  For a bait shack it is pretty cool.  They are @thebeaverhouse

And a bright window of street bikes.

CoC Bikes

But the best thing is the eulogy for Dave Mann.

Rest in peace Dave, wish I knew you.


In New York City?  Check the link for info on the Brooklyn Invitational Custom Bike Show scheduled for September 17, 2011.

They have a shopping site with some nice stuff.

Church of Choppers has a wicked sense of humor and I like wicked.

Check em out in Des Moines at 6th & Boston

Church Of Choppers
Address 3017 6th Ave Des Moines
City Des Moines
State Iowa (IA)
Zip 50313
Phone (515) 778-5416              (515) 778-5416
Latitude -93.624692 / 41° 37′ 20.6076”
Longitude 41.622391 / 93° 37′ 28.8912”

Make sure you tithe and pray and visit the Church of Choppers often.  The chopper gods require it.


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