Ultimate off-roader from Top Gear

History (Australian television channel)

Image via Wikipedia

So the August 7th Top Gear show was about what dualie pickup is the best/strongest.  Nice show.  hard to pick and, of course, no decisive winners on this show.

What was actually cool last night was the ultimate off-roader and the race thru the swamps of Louisiana vs a monster airboat piloted by a champion driver.

The British show, which the History Channel show is based on, had a similar show highlighting the Bowler off-road vehicle. Check out the Bowler site here.

Check the vid from the British show.
Bowler Ultimate Offroader Test By Topgear – Video
– Watch more Videos at Vodpod.

The Bowler youTube video is nice too.

500HP on an ATV??  Well, they are not sure.  Because they BUST the Dyno!!

So, what was the vehicle Tanner Foust drove on the US version of the show??

It was The Rally Fighter from Local Motors.  Thx for an amazing vehicle @localmotors

Check the History Channel video of the shoow.

Vodpod videos no longer available.

So what you say??  Well, this beast was designed on-line.  With customer input.  It is the first, and still the only, open-source vehicle development EVER.  And, it works!!  It kicks ass even in the swamp against an airboat.  Crazy cool.


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