Daily Blogging & exotic sports cars

I go thru dialysis three days a week.  Ugh, I’m tired of it and plus it makes me sick for the night & next day.  Ugh plus.

So I have to really manage my energy cuz I just don’t have much anymore.

But beyond that, is there really enough to write blog posts about every single day??  Unless it’s just dribble drabble.

Stream of conscience bullshit.

Blogging every day sometimes feels like a job.

And since I am retired work is a four letter word!

Or mebbe I jus have bloggers block.

I got nuttin to say man.  Nuttin at all.

Cept this:

I need to find an extra grand so I can join Club Sportiva and drive 6 exotic cars like Ferrari’s, Lambos, R8s and crap thru the great back roads of the San Francisco Bay.

So I dream @clubsportiva, I dream.

Check em out at http://www.clubsportiva.com/

You can even rent an exotic for the day, week or be a partial owner.

An Aston Martin DB9 with a hot chick sitting next to me.

Driving the twists and turns of Highway 1 along the California coast.

That’s my kinda heaven Bro.

Sweet dreams guys.


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