Denver’s Choppers in Las Vegas—Mondo

Well, actually Denver’s Choppers is in Henderson, Nevada.


1010 Stephanie Place, A1 * Henderson, NV 89014



Map & driving instructions are here.

Denver Mullins is gone now, much much too soon.

But Mondo is still there and still building wicked sick choppers old school style.  Plus they sell their revolutionary springer front ends.  Where would the chopper world be without them??

Mondo has been designing and building his choppers with Denver’s Choppers since 1967!!  That’s almost 45 years of motorcycle building.  Wonder is Mondo knows how many bikes he has built?

On the website there is a great David Mann painting of two of Mondos bikes that were actually build 30 years apart!

Mondo truly is the Godfather of Choppers.  And new builders are still learning from him.

Next time you are in Las Vegas stop in Mondo’s shop  say hi, &check out his bikes.

Mondo had a sweet chopper they built for the Discovery Channel’s Biker Build-off series when he went head to head with Indian Larry.  Two legends, maybe the two best chopper builders EVER.  Indian Larry won that one with his amazing chain frame cycle, but Mondo built one sweet looking machine.

Unfortunately Indian Larry is no longer with us.  Say a prayer for Denver Mullins and Indian Larry.



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