My Dog Walter

I had a dog from when I was like 14 or 15.  He lived about 17 years, still young when he passed.  He was a combination dog, Heinz 57…..or more.  Best dog in the world.  I think everyone in Sacramento knew Walter.

When I was in High School my grandmother was living with us and she always opened the door and let him walk (run) himself so he could pee and stuff.

Anyway, I would walk down to the High School, go my first period class and there would be Walter….sitting in my chair!!  Sacramento is a pretty big city, wasn’t like some one room schoolhouse or anything.  I would have to walk him home.

But the story I wanted to tell today is:

A neighbor down the street, who we fought with a bit, sent his son down to my house with a strange request.

The son said they had new puppies.  His father wanted Walter to play child support!!??!!


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