Cadillac CTS-V Station Wagon Vs 911 Turbo in 1/4 Mile

OK class!  Pop quiz.  One question.

Who wins the 1/4 mile?

Cadillac station wagon with automatic tranny or the Porsche 911 Twin-Turbo?  Hint the Caddy has more HP but the Porsche weighs less and has a stick shift.

What’s your guess?  Well, don’t blink, cuz it’s over in 3.5 seconds.


More about this beast from Motor Trend.

Thanks @MotorTrend

I drive a CTS.  I love it.  Looks good, fast and powerful, luxury everywhere and it’s a caddy.  It’s a fine car, but when I heard station wagon??  It was just a big huh??  Now I want one.  I want to take some kid to school and slam his head back against the headrest.  Sit still sucka!!  Quit ya whining.

Update September 23rd:

You can enter to win a CTS-V here.



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