Flyrite Choppers

Flyrite Choppers is primarily a great parts store, specializing in quality frames for bike builders.

They have been in business for ten years and say “our frame, your dream”.  Nice!

I would post photos but I respect their decision to attempt to prevent that, so I will give you links instead.

But on their website they have some great photos of their customers choppers.  Unique and beautiful.  Check the fantastic saddle on the flat mustard colored bike. It’s in the bottom row of photos. It seems to have a NOS bottle attached next to the rear wheel.  I really like the flat mustard paint job too.

The bike here is nice.  But the Rat Rod in back is quality stuff fo sho, in the middle of the 2nd row.

Check Page 2 of the customer bikes, the photo in the middle of row 1.   This toddler has a better chopper than me!!

Great work on all of these choppers guys (& gals….and toddlers too).

So if you are looking for frames or parts, or just like to check out chopper sites, stop by Flyrite Choppers.

Twitter them @flyritechoppers



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