Two Different iPod Mounts for your Harley

Got an iPod?  Check…

Got a Harley??  Check…

Got your ipod mounted to your Harley??  oooops!!

Well, now you can do just that.

The first iPod mount is thanks to @RidersClaw

Order online.  Very cool.

The second iPod mount for your Harley is seen on FootShifted

This mount is a magnetic pouch that attaches to your fuel tank.  It is advertised for Harleys (because it is sold by Harley-Davidson) but it looks like it could work on nearly any bike and at $44 you could afford to take a chance.  If it doesn’t work, sell it on eBay!!  or give it to a Harley friend.  It does have Harley-Davidson printed on the face, so you Ducati folks might find it odd.

It says you can attach your headphones but I think I would be careful, and I expect some states have laws that would prevent the use of headphones.  Mebbe not…..



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