Monterey Bay the Peninsula and the Aquarium

I love Monterey Bay, the Peninsula and the surrounding area.  It is one of the most spiritual sites in California.  Just seeing it does rejuvenate you.  All your worries melt away.

Even just looking at a photo of the bay reduces my stress level dramatically.







Pebble Beach, 17 Mile Drive, Old Town Monterey, Cannery Row, Pacific Grove, Carmel,  all the food and shops, the perfect weather and the beautiful Pacific Ocean.  I love it!  Monterey was once the capitol of California until folks settled on Sacramento around 1850.

The Monterey Bay Aquarium is a man-made jewel.   Hard to believe it has been open some 27 years, but it’s been like 8 years since the last time I was there.  The aquarium was built on the site of a former sardine cannery at the Bay end of the famous Cannery Row and opened in 1984.

The Oceans Edge holds 1/3 million gallons of water in an aquarium that is 33 feet tall.  Holy shit!

This is the back or ocean view of the aquarium site.







Must be a really exciting place for kids.  Although most of the exhibits are great for adults, the aquarium is a sensory feast for kids.  Water, fish, BIG fish, sharks, otters, jelly fish, electric eels, kelp, & wow.  They even have fish “petting zoos” for kids where they can have hands-on experiences with aquatic life.

This is the 33 feet tall Ocean’s Edge aquarium.








First time we went I wasn’t sure I would like it, but you can tell that I really did.  Better than Disneyland.

If you go get your tickets in advance and save yourself a long line and big headache.

 If you don’t know the history check it here.

Hidden Treasures of the Monterey Penninsula:

After a brisk 15-minute northerly walk from the Monterey Bay Aquarium,a brief history of the area unfolds suddenly on a weathered concrete mural.

Hidden from the road above, the 344-foot-long rendering is painted on a retaining wall along the waterfront Monterey Recreation Trail.

The mural is in plain view, but it can also be inconspicuous to trail passers-by. Its sepia tones and off-white lettering begin just past a short tunnel of cypress trees and thick foliage. It faces a long, narrow shoreline favored by raucous birds and sleeping sea lions.

Did you know that the Monterey Penninula contains more than a dozen cities & hamlets??  We see the main one.  Monterey.  Perhaps the second—Carmel?  Maybe we decided to save some money and picked a motel in the third.  Or accidentally stumbled into the third?  Pacific Grove.  But what about the 9+ others?  How many of us visit them or even know about them?
Follow the link and find new restaurants, shopping, family sites, lodging and fun.
And check out 50 great photos in Unseen Monterey!!

How do you get there?

The easiest way now is to take the Wave Trolley Not only does the trolley take you right to the aquarium, but it is FREE. You can catch it from downtown and Cannery Row.  Very nice Monterey!

There is parking in the area, but it can be a number of blocks of walking.  Hotels in the area have parking as well, so if you stay in Cannery Row you are golden.  Except it is busy with peeps and can get noisy.  Too many freaking seagulls too, so be careful at outdoor eateries.







Where to stay?

I have stayed at hotels in Monterey and the nearby towns.  Some of the nicest were:

Where to eat??

In the Monterey area it’s more like where NOT to eat.  I have never had a bad meal even when we just walked into some place we had never been before.  Go hungry and eat eat eat  Here’s a list of restaurants in Carmel.

Go, have fun, enjoy the sites, eat & drink until you explode.  If you ride motorcycles rent a Harley-Davidson  or a scooter or a bicycle and enjoy the beauty and the freedom.  Be careful, too many freaking tourists.  Rent a kayak and get on the water.  Unforgetable.

If you go….take me with you.  Please!!



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