Sons of Guns??? Really?????

I’ve been blogging for awhile.  About shit that interests me.  Having folks read, comment and subscribe is nice.  But really, I don’t care.  It’s just something to do and I will continue even if Mr. Zero is my only visitor.

I really like the Sons of Guns show on the Discovery Channel.

Peeps build wicked weapons, shoot things and blow stuff up.  I have been liking the idea of that since I was like 5 years old.

And I like the theme song a lot.  I find myself singing along every time it comes on.

So I wrote a post about the theme song.  I had written a different post about the show awhile back, when they built the tri-mese..

But I’m dumbfounded that the theme song post has gotten more hits than probably all of my thousand + other posts.

I guess I know good music when I hear it??

Got a song you’re trying to get published?  Lemme check it out and I’ll tell you straight up.  I can make you a star if it’s any good.  If it’s shit, don’t waste my fucking time.

I don’t much like people, as a group of screwed up humanity any way.  I’m too screwed up myself.  Individuals I like.  Maybe.  Sometimes.  Some of em.  I think.

Being a badass makes you a loner for sure.  And being a loner makes you a stupid ass.  But apparently it makes you a smartass about music.

But thank you to @sonsofguns and @tabbenoit.  Great show, great song.  And thanks @me, great wordpress post about the theme song asshole.



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