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Paul Teutul Sr. of Orange County Choppers and ...

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I like the American Chopper series about Orange County Chopper (OCC), now on the Discovery Channel.  I like  the shows variants like Sr vs Jr etc too.  So now it is OCC & PJD.  Any other letters to throw in there??  Oh.  Right.  RPD.  Rick Petko Designs.  That was a nice touch they put on Rick’s bike.

I’m not a fan of Paul Teutel Sr’s, he is an ass and the inter-family squabbling got old for me a long time ago.  But I still watch and enjoy the Orange County Chopper bikes even without Paulie Jr.

Because at least Sr has Rick Petko.  Dude’s a bike building genius.


September 19th Intervention & update:

So now it is looking like Rick Petko is tired of Sr’s fucking around with him and will quit/move over to PJD.  We will see what happens tonight because they kept teasing us last week but it did not happen.  Now is tease #2.  I used to know a girl like that.  Used to.

Anyway, OCC will really suffer if Rick leaves don’t you think?

Seems like just a quiet, competent guy that just gets the job one and doesn’t give you any trouble.  Rick could work for me any day.  And he would be happier at PJD.

Course it is always hard to tell how real these “reality” things are.  Is it off the cuff or is it scripted?

Your “sneak peek” tease is at this link.

OK, back to the original post…..

September 20th:

So from last nights show it looks like Rick was not actually “quitting”, but talked about working with Jr for a couple of weeks.

Course, if he proposes that to Sr he may find his ass on the street.

I didn’t chance to watch the whole show, so I’m not sure what actually happened…..


Sr is like many type A guys and ex-addicts.  Driven and passionate but still treats their family the way they did when they were drinking and using.  Like shit.  And so we see him fighting with all of his sons.  Mostly the show shows the SR vs Jr crap, but the middle son that runs the steel business and Sr stopped talking for like three years.  Even when the grandchildren were born, Sr would not talk to, go visit or even talk about them.

That’s some fucking screwy thinking boy.  Screwy indeed.

But the family has opportunities that they might never have had without Sr.  His personal drive, that screws up his relationships, gives him the ability to succeed in almost every business he has dipped his toe into.  Without Sr where would his boys be??

I thought that I had seen all the shows by now, but today I saw the Mercedes Daimler AMG build.

What a beautiful bike, and then at the simple unveiling the Daimler folks brought out a wooden cycle they designed and built in 1885!  Amazing.  Senior drove it and got to go a top speed 7 MPH.

The Orange County Chopper Mercedes-Daimler AMG Bike

Did you know Daimler invented and built the first motorcycle?  For some reason I was thinking it was a different company, but the Mercedes bike makes sense.  This article calls their bike the first “true” motorcycle.  I guess the ones that came before this 1885 bike were more like motorized bicycles.

Mercedes should build bikes now, especially AMG choppers.  Sweet.



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