Street Sleepers: Upcoming Hot Rod Book by blogger & photographer

Available for pre-order.  I ordered mine because I love Byrd’s photography & blog.

Check his blog, Byrd Photography right here.

The blog has great car photos and the stories are just as good as the photos.  I love cars and I love photography.  These photos are art.

Here is the info on the book, you can pre-order from Amazon.  Looks like a good one Byrd!!

Street Sleepers: The Art of the Deceptively Fast Car

Since 2007, I’ve photographed and written about hundreds of cars for several different magazines. I definitely stay busy with this type of work, and I really enjoy it, so getting acclimated in this business created a great career for me. Even with a full time job, I am heavily involved in freelance work, and my most recent landmark is the completion of my first book, Street Sleepers: The Art of the Deceptively Fast Car, published by CarTech Books. It was a huge undertaking, and it certainly took every second of my spare time during the nine month time allowance, but seeing the finished product made it worth the effort.

I received my advance copy of the book Friday, July 29th and I thoroughly enjoyed flipping through the book in its entirety. At this point, all I had seen were black and white single page proofs, which didn’t provide much excitement. Today, August 15th, 2011, the book is officially released and should be on the shelves sometime VERY soon! Check it out!

Byrd Photo
“My new book! Available in book stores and online book outlets across the United States!”
Upate September 12th:  I receive my copy Of Street Sleepers today.  It looks like it will be a good read.  I will let you peeps know what I think when I finish it, but I’m really looking forward to reading this.

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  1. Thanks VoodooDR! Glad you like my blog and all that good stuff…the Pingback is much appreciated!

  2. Nice !

    • Thanks. I really like your blog and yes, you are indeed a photographer. But more, you are an artist and the camera is just a tool. Really beautiful pics, thanks for sharing.


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