BiketoberFest vs BiketoberWest

I know you folks know all about the annual BiketoberFest held in Daytona Beach, Florida each year.  In October, of course.

Well, today while watching the Discovery Channel’s Biker Build-Off series the announcer was telling us that the bikes were going to be judged at the BiketoberWest rally.

Here is the 2010 BiketoberFest.  Looks like fun, sun, sand, water, hot chicks, hot bikes…..

My brain heard (!!) “Fest” and I couldn’t figure out why they were riding down the coast of beautiful California.  Where the fuck is Florida, I asked myself (??)

Of course it was just my asshole filtering system and I just misheard (again).

So, I looked up Biketoberwest on the net.  Great idea I thought.  But why hadn’t I heard of it before, being a Californian loving all things bike.  To my dismay there really isn’t any info except about the bikes built and judged specifically for Biker Buildoff.  In 2004!! 

Nothing before, nothing since.

As always with the Biker Build-Off series, the 2 bikes were amazing and from two top bike designers/builders.  Always hard for me to pick one over the other but I agreed with the crowd this time.
A short video of the Hank Young vs Cole Foster build-off is here.

A series of pics of both bikes are here on the Discovery Channel’s website.

Biketoberfest has survived in Florida for many years and continues to thrive.  Peeps love it and have a great time.

It was originally developed to increase tourism at Daytona Beach during their off-season.

Question for readers:

Was BiketoberWest solely developed for the Biker Build-off series??  Did it fall apart because the show was filmed and sayonara bikers?  Or was there something else going on here?

Does anyone know?


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