2011 Dirtbag Challenge is completed

Well, another Annual Dirtbag Challenge is over and done.  My original Dirtbag post is here in case you missed it.

Tons of great photos of Dirtbags here on the Challenge Facebook page.  Just click through.

Now is the time to plan for next year, sign up and start building your winning bike!!!

A year will just zoom past and if you wait you’ll be kicking your own ass.

Or, for a dolla I’ll kick it for ya.

The South Bay Riders forum has posts from a lot of dirtbag participants and wannabes.

The Deathtraps MC has a lot of pics from the challenge including their own 5 day build.  Nice rat guys!!

Part freak show, part biker event.





You can’t have something like this in San Francisco without it becoming an event and events are always freak shows in SF.  ‘swhat I like about it.

Good clean American fun, in a “Wow, I can’t believe the cops still haven’t shown up” kind of way is how Surj’s House of Awesome describes it.

If you can’t stand the smoke get outta the burnout!

Check out this “Tall Bike” from the 2011 Challenge.  Never saw another one of these.

Even more great photos at JSJ Brothers.

Doesn’t everyone want to be a dirtbag??


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