The Citroen DS of around 1966

When I was a teen and attending church we had another church member driving us on Sundays.  He owned a brand new Citroen DS.  It must have been ’66 or ’67 cause I quit the church thing before I graduated from High School in 1969.

The Citroen was weird looking.  Back then it was all about American Steel.  For me, there was nothing better than a 60’s Vette.  If I thought about luxury it was Cadillac or the one I liked, the 66-67 Lincoln Continental.

As a teen if I  saw foreign cars they were Mercedes.  Or Volkswagon.  Or a few Italian models, but only in magazines or movies.  Never in real life.  Then the 007 Aston-Martin‘s.  Only in movies & dreams for sure.

But there was nothing I saw like this Citroen.  Back then I thought it was butt ugly.  Now I can appreciate that it is unique and very special.

This convertible is beautiful.  The church ride?  Not so much.






But the ride of the Citroen….it just amazed me.  The seats were like no other car.  They were plush and more comfortable than any living room couch I had sat on.  You sunk it, but it was supportive too.  Kind of like those  hecka expensive beds they advertise on TV now.  But back in the day there was nothing like this.

American car seats were like rocks compared to the Citroen.

Combine these comfortable seats with the patented Citroen adjustable suspension and the ride was like flying on a fucking cloud.  The car was built for speed touring.  We never knew that the car wanted to go 100 mph all the time.  It did not look like it could reach 50.

Motor Trend described it as an “alien spaceship” that dropped in for a visit 50 years ago.  Perfect description because that is just how it seemed to this 15 year old boy.







I think this is DeGaulle in the French Presidential limo.  All in all, I would take JFKs Continental.






If you ever get a chance to ride in one of these 60s Citroen’s do it!!

And if you can ever buy one and restore it you will love the ride and appreciate the quirky looks.

I want to go to France and check all the barns!!



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