WordPress.com free blog vs a self hosted blog

I have been screwing with computers for a long time since way back in the day.  Not quite an OG but of that TRS day.  No hard drive, in fact no drive at all to start, then tape drives etc.  The new stuff is incredible.

Still, sometimes I miss the old DOS days accessing the net way before the windows GUI was dreamed of.  Things are easier now and more peeps can access things and the knowledge base gets expanded every hour, which is great.

The more people that can access the web worldwide the better for humanity.

But this post is about blogging.

So I am older now, pretty much disabled.  In a wheelchair, can’t see shit, my brain don’t work right.  What else huh??  Thanks for caring, I do appreciate it.

I tell you that just as background.

So my dilema today is whether or not to move my blog from the free wordpress.com location off to worpress.org or another blogging software and get it self-hosted.  Just because it can be cleaner and you can do so many more things.  WordPress.com is so limited because they don’t charge anything.  I understand and appreciate wordpress.  Thanks @wordpressdotcom  Great product considering you provide it free of charge.  otherwise it makes my pull my remaining hairs out.

I started building websites back in the 90s.  Joined local user groups, learned HTML.  Even learned XML for work.  It was fun because it was a challenge.  Then it wasn’t fun anymore and I was on to something else.  Story of my life.  Learn it, master it, get tired of it, move on.  Cept a few things.

So I am talking to myself about this crap and a few peeps will waste their time reading about my internal struggles.

I think I’ll make the move.  The cost is reasonable, but like I don’t really hve enough to blog about to justify the cost or the work.  I think.  But some people like some of my posts.  But I only write about things that I like.  me me me.  Ima selfish MFer for sure.

I have been considering this change the last few days as I decided to add a counter and a real-time traffic monitor to this site.  Because at .com wordpress really won’t let you do those things.  You can add straight up HTML but if you slide into XML or some of the newer languages then .com says Fuck you dude.

Yeh, I can use the flag counter and I can use the easiest whosamungus monitor (Great people.  Thanks @whosamungus!!!) but anything more complicated is a no-go.  Later I’ll write something about counters and installing them and my limited experiences because I found some info that may help others out there.

So here I sit…..and ponder.  And write some garbage.  Maybe I will do it, or maybe I will just learn to accept what I have now.  Never been real good at that though.  But I can’t dig into .com and mess around with it and that pisses me off.



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