Barreleye Fish are Damn Wierd Looking

Watching the Discovery Channel can be so educational.  And sometimes you see some damn weird stuff, I’ll tell ya.

Today I saw Barreleye fish for the first time.  Hell, I never even heard of them before.  They showed them on a show called “Is It Possible?”

After seeing these freaks, it was hard for me to believe.

They were first discovered in 1939.  But only 10 people in the whole frigging world have ever seen one.  There’s a lot of stuff in the ocean that we have never ever seen.  These Barreleye Fish are so strange you wish you had not seen them.  They also call them spook fish.  I guess cuz they really spook you out.

They are so strange it creeps me out.  Even his mother couldn’t love this dude.



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