The Gorilla Challenge in Sacramento

Hey!!  The gorilla Challenge is in Sacramento on Saturday August 20, 2011.

So, WTF is the Gorilla Challenge??

Well, mix up Fear Factor and American Idol in an Amazing Race kinda thing and you have the Gorilla Challenge.  It’s nationwide and it’s coming to the Old Spaghetti Factory.  Hey, cool you say?  How do I enter?  What kinda bugs do I get to eat??  What kinda prizes do I win?

Get friends or family together and form your team.  Wear crazy costumes if you want.  Then you get instructions on where to go and what to do when you get to the destination #1.  Once there you get instructions on what to do.  The must have is a camera, cuz you gotta take pictures at each stop.




Finish with #1, take the new instruction card and you are off to destination # 2.  Do the do and take your photos and then on to #3.  And on and on until you’re all done.

After you get to all 10 destinations and take all 10 pictures, make your way back to the starting point, turn in your team card and enjoy the music and food and special beverages!!

Prizes? Say what?

First place = $300 for the team
Second place = $200 for the team
Third place = $100 for the team

Best costume = $50
Runner-up = $25

So what kind of clues do I get so I can find the destinations??

Sample clues are here

FAQs are here.

And the dam rules are here  (rules schmooles)

OK, we are sold.  Where and when is the Gorilla Challenge, SacTown style??

Saturday, August 20th

The Old Spaghetti Factory

1910 J Street
Sacramento,                                  CA 95814

Shoot me a map dude!!

Work a little bit guy.  Go here for da map.

Have fun you monkeys!!  And Thanks @tweetinggorilla

The Facebook Gorilla Challenge Wall is here.



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