The Robot That Walks On Water

Robot at the Museum of Science and Technology

Image via Wikipedia

Watching the Discovery Channel today (of course) I saw the show Is It Possible.

One of their segments showed robots that mimicked animals and insects and stuff doing amazing things that humans and robots should not be able to do.

Like walking on water!  Can you??  No?

Well, there is a lizard who can race across water without sinking.

And after a lot of research & development and a lot of models and failed attempts, scientists and engineers have now developed a robot that mimics this wonderous lizard and actually is able to walk on water without doing the big blub blub blub!!


The water walking lizard is called a Basilisk and the nano-robot developed at Carnegie Mellon Institute is modeled on the lizard.  Their first attempts created a water sinking robot.  Not good!

Then scientists at the Harbin Institute of Technology determined, by watching slow-motion videos of the Basilisk lizard, that the lizards tail actually stabilizes it on top of the water.

The Discovery Channel video of the ‘Water Runner’ is here.  This robot is based on the Jesus Lizard (get it??) from South America.

Check out the cool lizard.

So they added a stabilizing tail and voila, the robot walks on the surface of the water.


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