Voodoo Choppers and Eric Gorges

No, voodooDr has nothing to do with Voodoo Choppers.  I get asked about that so often that I decided to write a post about Eric Gorges and his Voodoo Choppers.

I fell in love with Eric’s bikes after seeing his Superstition  build on the Biker Build-off series on the Discovery Channel (yes, that thing again).

Gorges did not win that day, but consider this:  He went head-to-head against Corey Ness (yes, Arlen’s son).  Talk about top competition. Cory Ness had bested his dad Arlen and Arlen’s Top Banana had won over the young Roland Sands Glory Stomper.  The top motorcycle building family in the world, no doubt.

I liked Gorges’ bike best, but I can’t argue with the fans voting for the Ness creation.  It was that good.  But it was the first time I did not pick the winning bike from that series.  Damn!!

Besides really liking that bike, I appreciated Eric’s bike building philosophy and bio.

Gorges builds custom cars too.  In fact, that is where he learned to work the metal.

More photos here from the Biker Build-off.

Where is Voodoo Choppers??  Plus a phone number.

22705 Morelli Dr.
Clinton Township MI 48036

Gorges has a blog.  And he is on Twitter @Voodoo_Choppers and @ericgorges

He has so many KILLER bikes in his albulm it is unreal.  Almost hard to look at all of these bikes at once.



  1. Thank you for there kind words. Cool site


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