The New Cadillac Ciel Concept

Have you seen it?  This car is fucking beautiful!  Now I want one and I hope this concept becomes a reality.

Cadillac is blasting photos and videos of their Ciel concept all over the net, so I’m thinking they are judging feedback and expecting to move forward to production.  So maybe 2014?

I’m kind of a Caddy guy with my current ride being a 2008 CTS.  I love a lot of the older Caddys and can’t stand a lot of the 70s/80s big boats.

But this one has captured my imagination.

The car was developed based on the Pacific coastline.  The lines of the Ciel certainly flow and I can see the idea of the winding Caali coast as the car flows from front to rear.

Check the interior.  Hot hot hot!!!

Hand stitched leather, Itgalian Olive wood, and nickel plated trim.

I think Cadillac has another winner here.  Since the new generation of the CTS was introduced, then the V version and now the CTS V-Wagon (what a hidden beast that thing is) Caddy is back on top of the American luxury heap and challenging the Germans.

I love my CTS but give me a Ciel today and I’ll be cruising the coast from Santa Barbara to Marin.  Beautiful.

Update August 25th:  Cadillac designers talk about the Ciel concept/

Update September 1st:  Motor Trend explains Why Cadillac Needs The Ciel  @MotorTrend

This excellent article about the state (and future) of American luxury cars  and gives us this great top down view of the Ciel interior.

Also today reveals that Cadillac is also looking at producing a Ciel inspired sedan.

Update September 23rd:

You can enter to win a CTS-V here.



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