PC Tablet Musings: Verizon, Motorola Xoom, Samsung Galaxy, Apple iPad et al

OK, so get this:

I am a Verizon customer with a Droid phone which I like a lot, but my contract has passed and I am trying to decide what (if anything) to buy.  You can see that post here, if you care.  I have basically decided to wait for the Droid Bionic and/or iPhone 5 to release additional info and get one of those.

So today Verizon sent me a discount offer on a Motorola Xoom tablet.  One of those “certified” pieces of equipment, which really doesn’t bother me if they provide a warranty that is equal to a new device which I think this is.

This tablet was like $800 off contract and $600 with a Verizon contract.  They are offering this one for $299 plus a contract.

I have a HP quasi-tablet already.  I say “quasi-tablet” because the device is actually part of one of the HP printers and you can read a bit about the tablet here at Engadget.  This 7 inch tablet works fine on WiFi without any kind of contract but has  limitations beyond the screen size.

But reviews of 10″ tablets started out “wow” and now certified techies are saying they really don’t need one.

The Apple tablets are pretty & easy to use, but no flash means your browsing experience is the shits.

I worry about Motorola with Google buying Motorola Mobility.  Apple sued the fuck out of Samsung in Europe, won the tablet lawsuit and threatened to follow up against all tablet makers in the US.  Guess that scared Motorola enough to sell….plus it must be hard to say “no thank you” to $12.5 Billion with a B.

Google has their own problems with Apple but might be able to stand up to a lawsuit better than Moto.  But Google may abolish the Moto brand name, which is a shame since Motorola basically invented the cell phone.

The other thing is a contract for a tablet.

1)  I am not making phone calls on a tablet.  10″ is just a tad large to hold to my ear.

2)  With more and more WiFi networks, and my home network, I’m not too worried about being in a spot I can’t use the tablet.  Not like I put it in my pocket and carry it around.  But I carry it in a bag when I go some places or in a suitcase on a vacation.  And most, if not all, hotels and resorts have highspeed wireless now.

Signing a contract for a tablet has not made sense to me except the discounted price as opposed to off-contract.  And now this discount which is pretty significant since I missed the damn $99 sale a week ago on the 10″ HP tablet (yeh, I know webOS.  But for $99 it’s almost disposable).

So those are my musings.  With four days on this Verizon sale I’ll probably pass it by.

But, in the meantime I think this is what I really want.


  1. It’s WiFi only
  2. The form factor:  8.9″ screen and just over 1 pound.  Portability in a tablet anyone??
  3. Samsung Galaxy tablets are brilliant and can compete with the iPad II pretty well
  4. Yes, it does flash

Anyone have any thoughts or experiences that can help me on tablet and/or service provider?

Update September 19th:

Sammy is about to sue Apple for patent infringement.  Turnabout fair play?

Update September 20th:

So this link takes you to a detailed article laying out the battlefield on patent infringement between Apple and Samsung.  Tablets, phones, everything is involved in this war between the Big Boyz.

This link will take you to a CNET video about the Apple iPhone 5 plus some other Apple goodies.

Leave me a comment here or twitter me @zenDR.

UPDATE:  Sale is over and I did not buy a Motorola Xoom.  Good choice dude!



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