Give A Little Love To The Hot Rods

I gotta lot of love for the first hot rod builders.  Always lusted for a hot rod since I was a little dude in the 50s and continued that love affair up to today.

Check out the hot rods and custom build projects from the guys at Hot Rods & Custom Stuff  in Escondido, California.

I love old pickup trucks too.  It’s (mostly) a guy thing.  This project is a beauty.

I would love to own this Mercury convertible.  Hell, I would pay good money just to ride in it!!

And check out this 1932 Ford Deuce….a true hot rod!!  Reminds me of the rods I used to see as a kid.  So many of them were chopped up 20 year old Fords.

Where to find Hot Rods & Custom Stuff:

2324 Auto Park Way | Escondido, California 92029 1-800-Hot-Rod-5  (1-800-468-7635)

Randy Clark has 40,000 sq feet in his shop and 30 employees to bring his creations to life.

Here is an interview with Randy and a TON of great pics of his shops hot rods.  Check it out.

They build ot rods in Australia too!  What did you think they drove?  Kangaroos??

Check out the Hot Rod Hi-Way website.

This 34 Ford “Airhog: started out like this and ended up the red & white beauty below.


Make your ride a hot rod and you will have tons of fun.  Gimme a ride brother!!


  1. Hey!

    Sweet blog and photos, very well done and entertaining (and a little jealousy-laden on these cars!).

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    • Thanks for looking the site over and the comments, much appreciated. I will take a look thru your site and stuff. You can see I don’t do many review but it is getting cold enough for a nice hoodie. problem is I like a loose neck, buttons 4 or 5 down the neck, is even better. Otherwise most hoodies make me feel like somebody is chokin me. terrible huh???


  1. […] Give A Little Love To The Hot Rods ( […]

  2. […] Give A Little Love To The Hot Rods ( […]

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