The 2011 Festival of Native Peoples, September 26-27th

The 2011 Festival of Native Peoples will be held on September 26th & 27th in Cherokee, North Carolina.

Where will the Festival be held?

Cherokee Indian Fair Grounds – 512 Tsali Blvd.
Who do I contact?

The Cherokee Welcome Center  (800) 438-1601

The Festival of Native Peoples was voted a Top 20 Event by the Southeast Tourism Society.

Cherokee has a number of events and activities for you and your family.  You can buy tickets here, and the link has pricing info and descriptions of activities as well.

The Festival of Native Peoples is full of cultural activities and art:

“Among the dancing, singing, prayers and art exhibited, highlights of the festival include the Halau Palaihiwa O Kaipuwai group’s ancient Hawaiian hula and drum dances, once a mainstay of Hawaii’s ancient temples. The Totonac pole flyers of Mexico are back and will once again fly from a ninety-foot pole in a spectacle of swirling color in honor of the sun and Totonac calendar. Additional performers include the Inca Son band, playing the centuries-old music of the Peruvian Andes, the Cellicion Traditional Zuni Dancers of New Mexico, Git Hoan Dancers of northern British Columbia, the Apache Crown Dancers of Arizona, as well as the Cherokee Warriors of AniKituhwa and Raven Rock Dancers.”

Where would I stay and eat??

Cherokee is not a big hotel kind of place, but they have a number of nice affordable Inns as well as villas, suites, motel asnd cabins and campgrounds. Properties like Best Western, Days Inn, Comfort Inn & Suites, Holiday Inn & Ramada are among your choices.

You can find a nice list of accommodations here.

There are a lot of dining choices too.  From breakfast diners to fast food chains to local restaurants so you won’t go hungry.  Choices are at this link.

Shopping?  Cherokee has an arts & crafts co-op, the Museum of the Cherokee Indian and quite a few art galleries for your shopping needs.  Bring home something nice for the family, but make sure you check out as many of the smaller establishments as possible so you can look at the handmade items of the local artists.

Gambling?  Yes, there is a casino.  It is Harrah’s Cherokee Casino.  They have a lot of top-tier Texas Hold ‘Em tournaments here.  Are you a poker nut?  you can see a lot of poker stars at Cherokee.  And, of course, slots and other gaming.

Lose all your $$?  Here are 101 FREE things to do!

Where is Cherokee, North Carolina??

Right in the middle of the great Smoky Mountains.  The Cherokee call this beautiful land Land of the Blue Smoke

Here is a basic map:

This video is from the 2009 Festival of Native Peoples



  1. Sorry my husband and I missed this. We were toying with the idea of going there when we were in the Smoky Mts but we were heading west to visit with a friend in Arkansas and were traveling according to his “days off”.
    Thanks for sharing.
    Great blog, wonderful photos.


  1. […] Swptember26 & 27, 2011 Festival Of Native Peoples in Cherokee, North Carolina […]

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