The New World Trade Center in New York City and Night Views

Statue of Liberty and WTC

Image via Wikipedia

I am really digging the new World Trade Center (WTC also called the Freedom Center) in New York City, including the reflecting pool, inscriptions of the names of the victims and the lights at night on September 11, 2011.

Here is a map to the WTC site in the Lower Manhattan area of NYC.

We will start with a few of the stunning night shots of the Tower.

Seeing the Statue of Liberty in front of the lit WTC and the red, white & blue lights in the windows of the building to the left (I think it is the Empire State Building, does anyone know?) brings tears to my eyes.

Here the lights from the WTC pierce the night sky and the clouds over Manhattan.

There are a lot of photos at this site that I have seen nowhere else.  Make sure to check them out.  This photo of the reflecting pool is among them.

The reflecting pool sits at “Ground Zero” with the waterfall tumbling directly into the hole in the ground that resulted when the original Twin Towers fell so dramatically.  It tore our hearts to witness that, but this reflecting pool was an excellent decision of how best to rebuild the Ground Zero site.

Here is a link to a beautiful panoramic day time view of the WTC and surrounding buildings.

This link will take you to a real nice slide show of photos of WTC including some of the original design drawings.

And finally, this video takes you on a virtual tour of the WTC, the park site and the reflecting pool.   Daniel Libeskind, the architect of the new World Trade Center,  and Dara McQuillan Senior Vice President of the WTC Properties host the video.

I miss the original Twin Towers and still mourn the victims but I do think folks did a good job of rebuilding the WTC and ensuring that future generations will see and feel the importance of the site by setting aside a large chunk of the property for the park and reflecting pool with the names of the victims inscribed along the wall.


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