Blob Jumping: Think Of It As Angry Birds Using People

So, can’t sleep and bump into this on the internet.

How did I used to learn shit b4 we first had access to the internet?

Blob Jumping is a growing craze in Europe, especially Germany and Switzerland for now.

It is described as kind of like Angry Birds, except you lauch people at targets.

These guys seem to be addicted, keeping track of high jumps and they even have a jump that is in the Guiness Book of World Records.

Here are some of the high ones for you.

The World Record was established in June, 2011 in Cham, Switzerland.

The record blob jump is 17 meters high.  That’s like 55 feet.

Sorry about the music, seems to be the same song for each little video these guys have posted on youTube.  It’s called Dance by Baby Genius.  Enjoy.

That’s enough.  Some crap you can only watch so many times.



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