California and Fresh Fruit & Fresh Produce

Apple Hill

Image by ScottSchrantz via Flickr

One of the best things about living in California is the abundance of fresh fruit and fresh produce and the length of our growing seasons.

For lunch I had a big bowl of red grapes, strawberries and watermelon all grown in California and picked fresh.  I added fresh pineapple to the mix but that probably came from Hawaii.

And for breakfast I had an apple turnover purchased yesterday at Apple Hill.  The apples were probably picked and ready for the baked goodies in just the past few days.

So in California we stretched the spring/summer strawberry season across the mid/late summer watermelon season and mixed it with the summer/fall grape season and just added in the fall apple season.  Cool!!

And very good for me because fresh fruit is my favorite thing.

Fresh California produce is important for me too.

Last night I made boneless country-style pork spare ribs and added fresh asparagus tips and fresh corn on the cob, both grown locally.  Unfortunately the local season for white corn is over so I had to use plain old sweet yellow corn.  The potatoes probably came from Idaho but we do grow potatoes locally, especially the small red and yellow potatoes which are my favorites.

I know all of you live in some really great places, but I don’t know what I would do if I did not live in California with all of our fruit and produce choices.  It makes most of our restaurant choices so much better too.

I used to have a Japanese girlfriend who had relatives in Hawaii, Las Vegas, New York City and Japan.  Every time someone came to visit us we would have to go out on buying trips to local farm stands and farmers markets and buy fruit fruit fruit and some produce.  They would just stuff themselves while they were here and then they would pack up their favorites and take it all home to share with folks back where they had come from.

It amazed me.  But if I lived elsewhere and visited California I would fill up a few boxes with fruit and ship it all back home!

I’m not as good as some of my friends who have produce gardens and fruit trees and can a lot of what they grow.  But, I am spoiled because here we always have fresh fruit in our stores and as long as you know which stores carry the best and freshest fruit & produce you are good to go.


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