Decolonize Wall Street

Decolonize Wall Street!!!

Thank you Coachella Valley Events Twitter them @COACHELLAEVENTS

See my post on Occupy Wall Street HERE.

This is not a little protest, it is an important, vital movement.  People are hurting.

We bailed out the big banks at the tune of billions of dollars and now they do things like charge poor people $5 per month just to use their own debit card and access their own money even though the bank already makes money off that bank account.

The folks at Occupy Wall Street have been saying that they “are the 99%” under the thumb of the 1%.

The 1% being the corporate elite of which the banks are not alone but certainly are representative.

Join them, protest in your own town. Call your television station and ask why there is not more coverage of this event.

Write a letter to the banks, your Congressman/woman, the President.

Or, if all you can do is pay attention, pay attention.  And share the information with your brothers & sisters.

Share this flier as well.  Post it on your social networks, e-mail it to yhour friends and co-workers, print it and hand it out.

New York, the land of the Algonquin people.  We all remember the Dutch West India Company “buying” Manhattan.  This link has a brief history of Wall Street.

I’m not sure who first posted the history seen at the above site, as I have seen it on a few sites without any tag saying where it came from.  So I link to it ,but I don’t post it here, as I do not know who actually wrote it and cannot credit them.

October 6th:

This Indian Country Today article explains that “While many people in Indian Country can sympathize with the protestors’ claims, there is also some growing criticism for the idea behind its name, which overlooks the first occupants of the Wall Street area. This has given rise to the response from Native bloggers and activists to not Occupy Wall Street but Decolonize Wall Street.”  Read more at the link.



  1. Thank you & good luck!


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