The New iPhone 5 is The Actual iPhone 4S—And The Rumors For The 2012 iPhone 5

It took me a few days to get past my disappointment after Tuesday’s big deflated Apple iPhone 5 balloon (well, maybe I’m not completely over it).

So I am going to put my earlier post about my search for a new smartphone (HERE) to replace my old original Droid to bed.  I have started a new post about the Samsung Nexus Prime (probably my new phone) HERE and will wrap all things Apple up with this post.

So as you probably know from my other posts, I am disappointed that Apple was unable to deliver on a brand new iPhone and was in a place they moved forward with a refresh of the iPhone 4.  I know it will be a good phone, iOS5 alone will make it a good phone, but it will not be the phone that will replace my old Droid.  Instead, I think the Prime will be that phone.

But I have not yet completely closed that door.  Even though Siri does mean “buttocks” in Japanese!!

One of the things I wanted to add to my Apple rant and so will place here is this:

Many people prior to the Apple announcement were stating they knew Apple had a better device because they knew people will line up for days to get the new iPhone 5, as they did for prior iPhones.

In my original post I explained I did not expect that to happen because I did not believe the carriers would now allow Apple to pull back and only offer the new phone at Apple stores.

Now I see that I was right as you can sit at home in your undies and pre-order your new 4S from Verizon and other carriers online without standing in line for anything except your own PC (or Mac, as it were).

As new important information about the 4S and/or iOS 5 is released I will post it here but I will (mostly) avoid the rumors and even the “I told you so’s”.

October 7th:

AT&T reports first day pre-orders of the iPhone 4S exceed 200,000.  This is the largest first day of iPhone orders on Verizon EVER.  Of course, AT&T was shut out of the first iPhones, (as was everyone other than Apple,  so…..  But nice job Apple and AT&T!  Congrats.

Imagine what it would be like for the iPhone 5?  Although I am not sure I would have jumped to AT&T even for the Five.

An unlocked 4S won’t be available until NovemberBut it won’t support CDMA.  But, for you world-travelers, the article explains all.

October 9th:

Elektronica offers their take on the iPhone 4S and suggests that at this point an Android may be your best choice.

October 10th:

The Apple iPhone 4s sales exceed one million units in the first 24 hours on all available carriers.

The Top Five 4S disapointments from cnet.  Watch the video at the link!

OK, this is great!   Even you Apple dudes havce to admit it is great.

Am I right??  Great!!!

There is a cnet article out today asserting that the Apple 4S will woo tons of Android owners over to Apple.  maybe the iPhone 5 would have (maybe even will), but the 4S?  Wouldn’t they have jumped at the chance to buy an Apple 4 then??

This one is legit:  The Apple 4S has been benchmarked and apparently is even smoking the Samsung Galaxy S II (and it is slower than the  iPad 2, but what the heck…).  Read it at the link.

October 13th:

iPhone 4S Launch:  What Is Different This Time? 

“If it feels like a long time since theiPhone 4 went on sale, you’re not mistaken. The iPhone 4S, Apple’s follow-up to the iPhone 4, comes a few months later than Apple has typically released previous handsets, and it seems even longer given that leaks led to the world seeing the final design months before it was officially unveiled.”

More Carriers.  More Countries.  Unlocked version from the get-go.  More Colors.  More configurations.  New add-ons.

Are any of those things even important to you? Read more at the link.

Twitter and iOS 5:  Sharing made simple, check the link for details.

Where to buy an iPhone 4S in October?  Check the link for a full list from cnet.

October 14th:

Unboxing the new 4S and initial impressions:

More at the link but they certainly like the phone even though they do say it is identical to the iPhone 4.  Others have cautioned people “Don’t put your new 4S down right next to your friends 4” because there is no way visually to tell them apart.  And they love Siri…..

“Asking Siri for directions, what the weather will be like, to create and send  e-mails and text messages is incredibly simple and fun to use. The days of  fumbling around with a phone to get things done in a hurry are pretty much over.  Yet, Apple is calling Siri a beta, which really does make a mockery of other  voice recognition systems that have been on the market in final form for some  time.

Siri can even pronounce this writer’s non-Anglo name properly. When  I told her that ‘I love voice recognition,’ she responded encouragingly with ‘Good for you, Sanjiv.’ We think it is love, but she plays hard to get.

I  told her that, “I think I love you Siri.”

Siri responded with, “You  hardly know me, Sanjiv.”

October 17th:

4S sales crack 4 million over the first weekend.  Seems like a ton of phones to me.  More at the link.

cnet documents call quality on the 4S for each carrier.  Good stuff because even with texting, internet, email, games and apps….the quality of your phone call on your smartphone is critical.  What good is a multi-hundred dollar phone when your phone calls sound so shitty??

Read the results at the link above and you can actually listen to a call made on Verizon, AT&T and Sprint.  Very cool.

October 18th:

On the big Android day (yes, Apple, Mr Droid has a big day too) we also have:

Now that the iPhone 4s is out, when WILL Apple release the iPhone 5?

Does anyone actually care anymore?  Not me for sure.  Although I am happy for a little upgrade on the iPhone 4, I have decided to buy the new Samsung Prime.

But the indications right now are that the Apple 5 is…..well, hard to tell from the story  at the link.

cnet takes the 4S thru their litany of tests.  Does the “S” stand for speed?

October 29th:

So, here we go:  Samsung passes Apple in phone units sold.

This article states that it really has to do with timing (3Q) and the new 4S came out at the end of the quarter.

True, but that meaans Apple’s history breaking sales over that first weekend and week were included in that count.  And yet they sold 4 million fewer units thn expected(?)

It also means that Samsungs new phone (the newly named Galaxy Nexus) release date will land in 4Q and units will be included in those numbers, not in the quarter that pushed Samsung past Apple.  So, They may be able to keep their spot for one more quarter.

Anyway, I am not here to argue that issue.  Just wanted to present the issue because it is significant and we will see down the road how critical it is to Apple.

Where it is important, I think, is in the constant and tiring jockeying in the courtroom.  I think it will result in both companies pushing harder in their lawsuits instead of backing off.  Apple will think they have to sue more and try to win ground in the courtroom while Samsung may think they can defend this new turf if they get some courts too agree with their legal positions.

We shall see.

November 7th:

For those that have the new 4S or upgraded to iOS5:  A security report reveals there is currently a security hole that allows people to download dangerous items from the app store.

Read the review at the link above and make sure to check in for fixes.  Be careful about your downloads until you know things have been fixed.

“Apple reviews every app that is available in the app store to make sure it is safe to use. Forbes reported on Charlie Miller an Apple security researcher who found a way for seemingly safe app to turn evil. Miller created an app that was able to pass all of Apple’s review tests and was available on the app store. Apple has removed the app that Miller used as an example of the security hole, and has removed him from the Apple developer program.”

November 18th:

Not much on the 4s field lately…

but here we have Apple rumors that even the Apple rumormill (actually I tend to believe the folks at NextGadgets) seem to question??

Or, at least they had gotten used to the relative quiet from the shores of AppleLand.

November 22nd:

I guess the Apple iPhone 4S is maintaining popularity out there, huh??  The graph here shows that the 4S has rocketed to second place among “camera phones”.  #1?    The Apple iPhone 4.

In fact, Apple owns 4 of the Top 5 spots on the list.  Nice job!

May 28, 2012:

Nearly a full year later and we may be nearing the release of the ACTUAL iPhone 5.

The rumors have certainly become nearly non-stop.

These rumors have emerged  from a variety of sources around the net including iLounge, 9to5 Mac and iMove to name a few, but they have been pretty much covered by most of the technology blogs out there. However, in this article we are going to highlight the main ones covered on the Armenante Apple news blog.”

  • a changed dock connector
  • a change in the size and shape of the smartphone
  • a change in the size of the screen
  • and a higher resolution

The Armenante Apple News Blog can be found here

If you bought an Apple 4S just a few months (or even weeks or days) ago after waiting for the iPhone 5, how ya feeling right about now??


  1. I love your Blog, it’s nice when you can tell somebody actuallly puts effort into a blog, and gives the blogs value.

  2. I’ve just received my iPhone 4S. So great !

  3. Siri is a really graet assistant on iPhone 4S but be careful there is a security breach. Anybody can use it even if your phone is locked.


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