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This post will be limited to information about the Occupy Sacramento protest @OccupySacto


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We are not goods in the hands of politicians and bankers who do not represent us

We Are The 99%—Allow Us To Introduce Ourselves:  Info at the link

I Won’t Back Down“–video here.

“I sincerely believe…that banking establishments are more dangerous than standing armies” — Thomas Jefferson, 1816

The BEST explanation of the @OccupyWallStreet movement and in less than one minute, Former Congressman Alan Grayson (D)     see the video HERE.

In the 1970s it was said that “The Revolution Will Not Be Televised” by my favorite poet, revolutionary and OG rapper Gil Scott-Heron.  If he was before you time go to Amazon or iTunes and check him out and check out Scott-Heron’s group The Last Poets.    Anyway, that is probably still true as the machine will try their damndest to keep a lid on things.


The actual Occupy Sacramento protest bagan on October 6th following on the original Occupy Wall Street protest in New York City.  As with other cities, the protest, which started with occupation of a downtown park, immediately bumped up against local anti-camping ordinances which were originally put into place to deal with the cities homeless spending significant numbers of nights in city parks and “camping”.

The police have already used this ordinance to arrest protestors who have attempted to stay in the park past the legal 11 p.m. curfew.

In Sacramento you can show support @OccupySacto and their website here.

Occupy Sacramento continues to seek items that can help the cause (and of course more people):  blankets, tents, tarps, food, clothing, rides for people, etc  If you can help please Twitter them @OccupySacto or visit their website above.  Thank you.

@OccupySacto will be on local Channel 13 (KOVR) with the 10 pm news.  Check them out!!

Occupy Sacramento will host an event on Thursday, October 6th:  The group is seeking locals to meet them at Ceasars Chavez Park at 10 am.  Occupy Sacramento will hold the park until at least October 15th.

The park is located at 910 I Street in downtown Sacramento.

Sacramento–there is a link to Occupy Sacramento above.  Today (October 6th) this from the groupApparantly the group has heard that the local police department has set up several “riot teams” to be ready for the event planned this week.

Do not be afraid.  This is a normal response for a Police Department to take in their planning.  Having a plan does not mean they expect a riot and does not mean they will treat normal, nonviolent, courteous protestors as “rioters”.  As a resident, I am glad we are having the event and I am glad that SPD is planning their own “what if” response.

News Talk KFBK Interview with Occupy SacramentoClick the link

The big banks, corporations and Republican politicians are trying to convince you that you are too small to succeed.

Truth?  You are too BIG to fail!

Protestors hit the street in Sacramento this morning, October 6th.

“Protests that started weeks ago in New York came arrived in Sacramento today, as hundreds gathered this morning at Cesar  Chavez Park across from City Hall

The protestors are an eclectic collection of union supporters, anti-war and  anti-corporate activists and unaffiliated individuals with their own issues.  There are retirees, students, small business owners and single parents. All age  groups are represented.

More than a dozen SacramentoCity Police officers are in the area, though not  in the park itself. Most are

watching from across 8th or 9th streets and some on  motorcycles have been cruising the area.”

Read more at the link.

The Sacramento Police Department reports:  “Peaceful protest at Chavez park. “Occupy Sacramento”

October 7th:

Protestors were arrested in Sacramento last night.  Officials used the city “anti-camping” ordinance to arrest people and attempt to break up the protest.  Fortunately there are some hearty folks out there as it also got a bit cold for California.  End result, some people still have not been cut loose from the jail and more people are needed at 10 am-ish to march for their release.

Occupy Sacramento on local news, CBS Channel 13.  Video at the link.

Local workers join nationwide movement in Occupy Sacramento.

The Occupy Sacramento protest today:

Sign the petition to protect the protestors rights to peacefully assemble.

Sacramento:  Looks like the livestream is finally work well, HERE.

As well as UStreamer HEREAnd their nice website with a forum and all to communicate the info and generate members.

October 8th:

Another Ustream in Sacramento

Nice.  Folks are calling it “Wallfare”.

Paul Krugman tells the truth “we may be seeing the rise of a popular movement that, unlike Tea Party, is angry at the right people”.

Ain’t that the fucking truth??  Read more from the New York Times article at the link.

The Sacramento Bee reports that police are expecting a busy night with the Occupy Sacramento protestors.

The 99% can meet the 1% HERE.  Nice eight part video at the link.

October 9th:

The working draft of   The Declaration of the Occupation of Sacramento

Review the draft at the link and make your comments or suggestions at the site.

More protestors arrested in Sacramento after ordered to disperse and leave Ceasar Chavez Park.  Half the crowd left, the other half were carted off to jail.  It seems to be the practice to keep the protestors in jail all night and half the next day.

More than 200 people have joined the Occupy Sacramento movement in the park today.

October 10th:

Occupy Sacramento webstream up again.  Check it out!

Everyone has a camera (a cell phone), photos & videos bring the protest alive real-time. 

“Everybody’s got a cell phone. Anytime the cops move in any direction, they’re being taped,” O’Donnell said. “[The NYPD is] trying to have a record so they can respond to assertions that there’s been improper handling of the demonstrators.”  This is true in every city.

And Herm Cain continues to attack the movement.  This weekend that the Values Voters conference (who are those people?) he stated that the protestors “just want to take someone else’s Cadillac.”  What?

And CNN now has one of their iReports pages dedicated to Occupy Wall Street.  Check it out, or contribute, HERE.

Have you seen the “white shirt” NYPD officers?  In some videos they have pepper sprayed and nighsticked protestors on camera.  Newspeople have suggested they are NYPD managers/supervisors.  The article at the link suggests that the large banks controlling Wall Street have hired NYPD officers and they are wearing white shirts (on their time off) and acting as security guards/hired guns.  Read the article.

The Hip-Hop Anthem for Occupy Wall Street.  Share this video & help it go viral!!!

Sacramento U-Stream:  Looking for peeps to:

  1. be trained on the U-Stream recording devices & processes
  2. Attend the City Council meeting Tuesday October 11th at 5 pm

Watch the U-Stream and join in the conversation.

How do we connect people like Christopher Lane in Bed-Stuy to the Occupy Wall Street movement?

Lane is a single parent with a 14 year old son and says “I’m a single parent, it’s just me and him, I can’t afford to get locked up” .  Lane isn’t rich and supports Obama’s desire to spread the wealth around but “he (Lane) maintains that the Wall Street protesters don’t represent his people. “When you’re trying to survive on a day-to-day basis, you ain’t thinking about Wall Street.”

Read the article and consider the position.  There are many folks across the country that SHOULD join in on this movement because it does represent them, but do not necessarily see themselves in the protest.  Folks have to look at the protest and see themselves represented there, believe that they can benefit from the movement, and then they will support what is going on.

Lane (and many others) needs out help to connect to the movement.  Read the article (at the link above), there is some excellent reporting and good stories.

Occupy Wall Street prepares to stay thru the winter.    “We might have fewer people stopping by in the winter months but we’ll plan, mobilize, organize, maybe get some permits during the winter,” said Ed Needham, part of Occupy Wall Street’s press team.”

Come to Occupy Sacramento City Hall

When:  Tuesday, October 11th

5 pm to 8 pm

Where:  Sacramento City Hall, 915 I Street

Purpose: get an exemption in order to lawfully occupy Cesar Chavez Park.

City Council Agenda is HERE

October 11th:

City Councilmember Steve Cohn visits Occupy Sacramento:

Top 5 Facts You Should Know About The 1%:

  • Top 1% own 40% of America’s wealth
  • Top 1% take home 24% of the nations income
  • The Top 1 Percent Of Americans Own Half Of The Country’s Stocks, Bonds, And Mutual Funds
  • The Top 1 Percent Of Americans Have Only 5 Percent Of The Nation’s Personal Debt
  • The Top 1 Percent Are Taking In More Of The Nation’s Income Than At Any Other Time Since The 1920s

This is important information so read the article at the link.  Plus there are great graphs and charts for those of us who do well with pictures!!

Have you heard the people in the call and repeat refrains on the news, or as you have been in the area of your local protest?  This article explains the “human mic”.  Protestors are not allowed to use a microphone or amplifier of any type, so they use human voices to iucrease the volume of the one voice.  Together we are strong!  More at the link.

Hip Hop video One True Act of Patriotism:

Fox News took a poll on views of Occupy Wall Street.  Bet they didn’t expect it to turn out like this!

Sacramento’s Mayor Johnson promises arrests of protestors here will continue.  Gaining the Mayor’s support at tonights City Council meeting may be challenging.  Read more in the Sacramento Bee article at the link.

Occupy Wall Street protests are being held throughout Northern California, including Oakland, Berkeley, Chico, San Francisco, and San Jose as well as Los Angeles and San Diego among the Southern California cities.  More at the link.

October 12th:

No decision from City Council yet.  As a former government official it is always difficult to judge what the council may or may not do.

Article in the Sacramento Bee today discusses the challenges Occupy Sacramento has to getting an exemption to the City’s “anti-camping” ordinance which is in place to prevent the continuous camping by homeless.

Here, from the article,  is the buearacrats dream:  “A decision won’t be made until next week – perhaps after the Occupy movement  comes to an end.”

NYC Millionaires/Billionaires March:  photos at the link

I am not re-posting pics fro flickr, they are restricted and I honor that (even though I could get around their pathetic attempts to block copying) and I always tell you where photos came from if they are not mine.

There are many great photos out there of important events, but somewhere in the last two days they have gone on extreme lockdown.

Most seem to be using Flickr, which does not allow sharing of photos posted there or copying or downloading.  No problem, folks make that choice.

However, it severely limits the publics ability to see what is going on.  So, that said…

Zombie Lobbyists Occupy Washington

“They come creeping from the K Street salons, money dripping from their lips. They skulk the halls of power, bemoan the pain of regulation on the steps of Capitol Hill. Their shrill howls for the brains of our elected representatives cut the D.C. night.”  They are lobbyists!! And more at the link…..

Here is the City Council video:

A great little poll here:  Who do you think is right about the economy?

The 12 Most Absurd Laws used to stifle the Occupy Wall Street movement & protestors across the country:

“As Occupy Wall Street protests spring up in cities across the country, authorities are thinking up creative ways to contain this peaceful and inspiring uprising. Although laws and municipal ordinances vary from city to city, there is a consistency in the tactics being used to stifle the movement. More importantly, as demonstrated by the protesters at Zuccotti Park who kept strong in the face of a looming eviction that never came to fruition, these maneuvers are not working.

Read more at the link above and find out about absurd laws such as:

*  No snoozing in public

*No unbrellas, and

*No private belongings are allowed in a public space

Say what??  Really??

11:53 pm:  For the first night during this protest the park sprinklers have been turned on at Ceasar Chavez Park.

Related articles

Occupy Sacramento is marching to the steps of the State Capitol at 3 pm today. Be there!

Video of Sacramento march to State Capitol at the link.

October 16th:

1,000 cities were occupied on October 15th.

Activist Cindy Sheehan addressed the Sacramento occupiers.  Read about it at the link.

@OccupySacramento reminds folks that law enforcement probably monitors their Facebook page and asks commenters to be respectful and think about what they may say.  More at the link.


A National General Assembly shall convene in the city of Philadelphia on July 4, 2012.

Delegates shall be elected by the 99% 2 from each of the 435 Congressional Districts and represent the People.

Read it at the link.

“…the time is rapidly approaching when the movement is going to have to offer concrete solutions to the problems posed by Wall Street. To do that, it will need a short but powerful list of demands. There are thousands one could make, but I’d suggest focusing on five:”
1. Break up the monopolies
2. Pay for your own bailouts
3. No public money for private lobbying
4. Tax hedge-fund gamblers
5. Change the way bankers get paid
Details are at the link and Taibbi’s bio is HERE.
October 18th:
The question has been asked by @SueBluesWilson:“@ OccupyLA : city supports, no incidents, little media.
@OccupySacramento : City opposes, 58 arrested, tons of media.
Which more effective?”
Occupy Sacramento is on the City Council Agenda today (Tuesday, October 18th).Join in and support the cause!!City Hall, 915 I Street
October 19th:
@OccupySacto worked hard to gain the City’s approval to allow the group to remain in Ceasar Chavez Park past the 11 pm curfew.  The City Council turned down the request last night.
After the meeting some 50+ protestors decided to stay in the park and resist arrest.  When the police showed up at curfew time and announced for folks to leave or be arrested, only 8 protestors (including one in a wheelchair) decided to stay and then be arrested.
There is a Sacramento Bee newspaper article at the link.
October 20th:
Four occupiers were arrested for violating curfew last night.  Four stayed in jail and 9 people occupied the sidewalk outside!!  The public needs to file more complaints about these arrests.  Other cities are allowing protestors to use their freedom of speech in public places without arrests.

Sacramento Residents:

Call your City Councilmember and the Mayor.  Let them know that you support the rights of all Sacramentans.

We do have the Constitutional Right to our Freedom of Speech under the 1st Ammendment.

Even if you do not agree with the Occupy Wall Street movement you can let the politicians who run the City of Sacramento know how strongly you believe in our Constitution.

All of us have the same rights.  Our veterans fight for us every day to support those rights and those of us at home have a duty to do what we can to ensure that politicians do not trample on those rights.

Need help to figure out who your Councilmember is?  Things have changed recently so it can get confusing for residents.

Go HERE to the Council District map.

Once you know what District you are in you can  Go HERE and get the phone numbers and fax numbers


There are now 231 public places now occupied by the people across the U.S.A.

Now nearly 6 Million Californians live in poverty.  This is an increase in the California poverty rates between 2009 and 2010.

“Californians living in poverty increased from 5.1 million in 2009 to 5.8 million  in 2010, and the state’s poverty rate jumped from 14.2 percent to 15.8 percent  during the one-year period, virtually mirroring national trends. That means that  California was almost exactly in the middle of the states, whose poverty rates  last year ranged from a high of 22.4 percent in Mississippi (not counting Puerto Rico) to a low of 8.3 percent in New  Hampshire.

A number of communities in the San Joaquin valley are included in the report’s list of Census Bureau’s 10-region list of those with the highest poverty rates including:

  • Bakersfield,
  • Stockton,
  • Modesto
  • and Fresno

Read more from the article and access the new census report where the data lives at ther link above.

October 23rd:

Willie Nelson supports the Occupy Wall Street movement and offers a poem with his wife at the link.

At 4 pm today @OccupySacramento will host a workshop on the General Assembly (GA) process and facilitation.  Be there and learn!!

On Wednesday, October 26th there will be an important RALLY for the @OccupySacramento protestors who have been arrested during the occupation.

WhereSacramento Superior Court, 9th & G/H Street in the Sacramento County Courthouse

When:   October 26th, 8 am

Be there!  These folks have been representing US and need our support!

Another musical anthem for @OccupyWallStreet and all of our other cities.

The New Chambers Brothers:  Make a Stand.  Watch the video

There are many fliers @OccupySacramento and the folks there offer them for you to copy, print, distribute and/or add to you blog or website.  Thank you!  Go to the link and check them out.


October 24th:



The DA released a statement today explasining that people arrested for breaking the city curfew at Ceasar Chavez Park each night during the occupation will not be prosecuted.

“The statement said that the peaceful assemblies did not constitute an  unlawful gathering. The protesters could however be cited for loitering in the  park after prohibited hours.

“In order for a violation to occur, there must be an unlawful assembly,”  reads the statement sent to The Bee.”

See the Sacramento Bee newspaper article at the link for more.

October 25th:

@OccupySacto: EMERGENCY DEMONSTRATION in support of OccupyOakland & against
state repression! 4pm Main Library 14th & Madison. THIS IS NOT OVER!

The Christian Science Monitor, not a progressive reporter says today that “Occupy Wall Street arrests increase. Have mayors reached their tipping point?”.

The Monitor details political and police actions in Oakland California, Atlanta, New York City. Washington State University, San Francisco, San Diego. Cincinnati and Chicago as they state “Such scenes are likely to become more commonplace as mayors and police chiefs attempt to force protesters to go home while avoiding all-out violence.”

Read the Monitor article at the link above.

@OccupyColleges gives us this great idea:  “For two days beginning November 2, Occupy Colleges, a grassroots organization bringing awareness to the Occupy Wall Street movement within the college sphere, will stage a National Solidarity Teach-In for colleges and universities across the country. To date, more than 100 campsues have events planned. The Teach-ins will serve to open and continue dialogue around the Occupy Wall Street movement in an environment where experts in various fields can liberally address questions or concerns.”

Read the article from The Nation at the link.

October 26th:

Well, what can I say about what happened in Oakland California last night?

You can read today’s post on my thoughts about those actions HERE OR

My minute to minute writings from last night as it occured HERE.

I recommend you look at both.

And I definitely recommend that you sign this petition to Mayor Jean Quan and the Oakland Police Chief and let them know that firing tear gas cannisters, rubber bullets and wooden dowels at our citizens is wrong.

The site allows you to submit your completed form.

You can email Mayor Quan at officeofthemayor@oaklandnet.com

Below is a video and a few photos about the weapons and the tactics used by policde last night and a bit about their outcome.

Politicians & police do not understand that major actions like last night in Oakland and in Atlanta actually strengthen a movement.  Managers think they are giving directions to line police officers that will result in “crushing” an acvtivity.  But this is not a criminal activity.

It is not a crime wave or even a street gang.

Even military action would only strengthen the movement because folks that sympathize with the protestors now decide to join them or offer other support they otherwise would not have considered.

We only have to look at the most recent activities in countries like Egypt, Tunisia, Iran….someday North Korea, Iraq, African countries and evcentually China.

What is to the politicians and some police a simple attempt to stop a group from doing something like “camping” in the park or on the Plaza becomes something much larger and on television or on the internet it looks like they are stifling freedom.  It looks like ‘the people’ who are asking for just a little bit of freedom are being hammered by a giant fist.

Which is actually exactly what is going on.  Exactly.

And so more people join and more people support…and it becomes emboldened and strengthened.  Day by day.

Below is an empty shell and an actual rubber slug shot from from a 12 gauge shotgun:

And here is the same type of shell with as rubber bullet before firing:


New Report Shows the inequality of income distribution in the U.S.

You have heard the term “We are the 99%” and you have heard the news reporters laugh at the idea that the Top 1% owns most of the money.

Well now there is proof that is true.  This is a  report from the Congressional Budget Office (CBO).

Look how dramatic this is in the graph below.

The Top 1% (really rich people) is the light blue line, this is the THEM

The other colors are US, broken down into three groups.  All together they do not equal the Top 1%.

Sacramento Occupiers went to court today.  They face fines for staying in Ceasar Chasvez Park afterr the posted closing hour of 11 pm.

Todays court appearance was for folks arrested on October 6th.  Two of the protestors were ordered out of the courtroom after clapping in sign language as the charges were read.

The City Attorney offered plea deals to those in court today.  “The city attorney’s office also suggested some of these cases may be dismissed.

“I can’t say concretely that every single person will be prosecuted,”  supervising City Attorney Gus Martinez said.

So far, none of the defendants has accepted the city’s plea offer.”

The County DA has refused to file charges against the protestors.

Read more at the Channel 3 KCRA link above.


A Google report on transparency states:  “We received a request from a local law enforcement agency to remove YouTube videos of police brutality, which we did not remove. Separately, we received requests from a different local law enforcement agency for removal of videos allegedly defaming law enforcement officials. ”


October 27th:

A reporter for the “Current” magazine spent a full day with the @OccupySacto Occupy Sacramento folks and files an interesting report, saying:

“Our country is sick. America has become the very institution that our forefathers felt it necessary to declare their independence from. Our politicians seem not to care about the people, but only how deep our pockets are to fund their grandstanding and inane policies that work for no one…As I talked to hundreds of different people with hundreds of different opinions, one thing became clear to me: A new community was being formed. ”

How to identify an agent in  your midst:  Never know when your group may be compromised.

October 29th:

Many cities are leaving protestors alone which is almost hard to believe after I write about so many raids and arrests and injuries.

@OccupySacto  Occupy Sacramento protestors and their attorney are considering filing a suit against the City of Sacramento.

“Occupy Sacramento protesters and attorney Mark Merin are considering legal action against the city of Sacramento for violations of their First Amendment rights if arrests of protesters for ignoring the park curfew are not stopped.

“It’s not a question of whether we will pursue legal action – that decision has been made,” Merin, a Sacramento civil rights attorney, said Thursday. “It’s just a matter of when.”  More, of course, at the link.

Many jurisdictions have removed generators from occupied encampments leaving folks with no way to power items.  Some of the camps have learned how to create their own electricity with bicycle-powered generators.

That is so cool!!  I owned a radio that had a hand-crank on it and generated and stored enough power to operate for a few hours.  So this is the same principle.

October 30th:

Code of Conduct, Media Team Posting Proecdures:  A working draft is HERE for you to review and weigh in.

Sacramento Press discusses the consideration of a lawsuit against the City of Sacramento with “the main thrust of any potential suit is that the city ordinance that regulates park hours is unconstitutional because it gives the parks director and the chief of police discretion to grant or deny exceptions to the law.”

Read more at the link.

October 31st:

1,000 occupiers spelled it out in this Human Surf Banner on a beach in San Francisco:

                                            Tax The 1%

Brad Newsham, 415-305-8294 newsham@mac.com
Chuck Collins, 617/308-4433  chuckcollins7@mac.com
Andrew Boyd, 347-228-7416  andrewontheroad@gmail.com

November 1st:

Check out this great video from The Young Turks:

November 3rd:

I have been a bit quiet later due to a personal emergency.  I’ll try to offer a bit more…

Today we have this for your consideration.  I know the folks at @OccupySacto have suggested a few times that members & readers be careful about their postings on the Occupy Facebook page and on Twitter.

This Associated Press article includes some details on why it may be a good idea to be a careful poster.

“The (CIA) agency’s Open Source Center sometimes looks at 5 million tweets a day. The analysts are also checking out TV news channels, local radio stations, Internet chat rooms – anything overseas that people can access and contribute to openly.

The Associated Press got an apparently unprecedented view of the center’s operations, including a tour of the main facility. The AP agreed not to reveal its exact location and to withhold the identities of some who work there because much of the center’s work is secret.”

Check out the article HERE

I cannot imagine having the AP get this kind of access in 1968 and the Black Panthers.  Or even in 1973 and the white boy revolutionaries.  Heck, I can’t even imagine having Twitter back then.  We would have organized much tighter and been so much more successful.

It makes me very optomistic about the chances these young people in this Occupy movement have.

I salute you folks and support you folks every single day.  Even my 82 year old mother supports what you are doing.  And now the AP gives you information that can help you control your message in positive ways.  Very cool!!

November 5th:

You have had HUGE successes this week:

  • you shut down the 5th busiest port in the United States of America (Oakland, California)
  • you shut down a full six busy city intersections in Washington DC as part of the Occupy the City Center of our nations Capitoil
  • One million people moved their money OUT of the biggest banks in the nation DESPITE the banks attempts to keep you there, charging you ten dollars to close your account, harassing you and arresting you just because you wanted to close your bank account

Congratulations to the American people for having the grit and determination to get the job done!!!

November 6th:

Important Reminder for those arrested on October 18, 19 & 20 (released on the 21st):  You MUST Monday or Tuesday, November 7th or 8th.

Check the link above and meet at the Courthouse on the 9th Street side by the fountain (790 9th Street, 9th and G Streets.)

Lawyers will be there to help you!  YOU MUST BE THERE!

If you know people who were arrested but may not have access to a computer or to the internet—PLEASE remind them to be there.

Help your brother and sister.

November 8th:

A Livestream from @OccupySacramento on a cold and overcast day in the California capitol.

November 9th:

And beware:

Many Credit Unions rival large banks in their size.  And if you are concerned about the pay of CEOs or bonuses for Executives, do some research before you select a CU.  high salaries on their own may not be a no-go for you, but make sure you don’t get surprised later.

In California many Executives of Credit Unions make annual salaries of more than $600,000 per year.  God knows what (or if) the taxes paid by some turn out to be.

Check at the link for California CU CEO salaries.

The March on Washington started today with a small group of occupiers walking from New York City into Washington DC.  At some 20 miles each day they should arrive about November 23rd in time for the Congressional Super Committee meeting about our nations debt ceiling.

You remember the debt ceiling?  A long long time ago (like in July 2011) the Republicans decided to hold our nation hostage because they did not want the debt ceiling raised.

And so we got right down to the final final last minute.

And then our nations credit worthiness was downgraded.

And then the price of money went up and the price of every goods and service went up, and we may never in our lifetime regain our stellar credit rating.

And because the Republicans so much want to regain the Whitehouse in 2012, they refused to increase the debt ceiling through the end of 2012, which would have  removed it from the discussions that either party has during the Presidential election cycle.

Instead, here we are beginning to talk about it again.

And I know the Occupy groups want to remain apolitical, but this is my blog.

And I say the Republicans and any Democrat who stood with them during the summer on the issue of the debt ceiling are utter assholes.  You sold my great-grandchildren, who are yet to be born, down the fucking proverbial river.


@OccupyArrests  A running total of arrests during the Occupy Movement

The @OccupyArrests Project website is HERE

Follow them at Twitter and the website

November 9 arrests:   71

Total arrests:          3,516

November 11th:

To all of our U.S. Veterans:  I salute you for your service each and every day.  And to our men and women overseas today, please keep yourselves safe and come home to your families.  We love you.


@OccupyYourLawn Someone has a great idea:  put a tent on your front lawn and start seeing hundreds and thousands and tens of thousands of our own front lawns….Occupied!!! 

Thank you Daily Kos, it’s excellent.  What would Mayors and Police Departments and City Councils and Bureaucrats do?  Start raiding my own front lawn?

Hell, in some cities they probably would, but it’s not like they can say there is a curfew.  Or the property ownder did not give you permission?


Not to drag you peeps back to my “protest” time:  but we need marches with 150,000 people like in the Student Strike of 1970 (google it) in San Francisco and another 100,000 in New York all in ONE day.  We need dramatic involvement, more people with passion.

I love you guys for stepping forward and getting arrested.  It is hard and some of you step up time after time.  I love those who many the trenches and can’t afford an arrest.  But we need thousands of people arrested in one day, not 50 or 10.

The biggest impact was 700 on the Brooklyn Bridge.  The public screamed when they saw that.  Those brothers & sisters made a statement!!

How do we do that? How do we get a march with so many people you cannot fit the front and the bag of the line into a frame of the camera.  Then the TV asswipes will pay attention.  Then the politicians will begin to back our play.

We have a beautiful march from NYC to Washington DC with what, 50 people??  google the MLK March on Washington.  how many peep, 100,000 or something?  It was fucking HUGE.  It scared the hell out of the politicians to see so many black people all in one place.  Plus there were whites and Natives and now we would have everybody.  How do we get those BIG numbers?

In the 1970s it took major police beatings on TV.  Fire hoses, dogs, church bombings.  ugly stuff.

In 1970 it too the killing of students at Kent State and Jackson State Universities.  Ugly for sure when the National Guard had orders to shoot students to kill.

I hope it doesn’t take that now.  We have issues the public supports.  They know we are right.  How do we mobilize big numbers?

Don’t believe the media hype trying to sell you on the idea that the protestors are bad people doing bad things–living in their own feces and crap like that repeated on your TV over & over.

November 17th was an Historic Day of Action Nationwide

check this article out

On November 17th, during this Call to Action, among the arrested are:

Retired Philadelphia Police Captain Ray Lewis

City Council Member Melissa Mark Viverito

City Council Member Jumaane Williams

Workers United International Vice President Wilfredo Larancuent

SEIU International President Mary Kay Henry

SEIU 1199 President George Gresham

CWA Vice President Chris Shelton

CWA Vice President , Fr. Luis Barrios of the Interreligious Foundation for Community Organization-IFCO

City Councilman Ydanis Rodriguez, who has been supportive of the Occupy movement, was among those arrested outside of the park. Police Commission(er) Ray Kelly said Rodriguez was trying to get through police lines to reach the protesters.

All the cops are just workers for the one percent, and they don’t even realize they’re being exploited,” retired Police Captain Ray Lewis said. “As soon as I’m let out of jail, I’ll be right back here and they’ll have to arrest me again.”


Sacramento continued to work hard thru the Call to Action day and on into today.

Today @OccupySacramento protested outside of California Governor Jerry Brown’s loft in Downtown Sacramento, even though everyone is aware that the Governor is rarely in Sacramento spending most of his off time at his home in Oakland California.

.”Occupy Sacramento said in a release that protesters and labor advocates will  rally at Cesar Chavez Park before leading a “noisy march right to the  front door of Gov. Jerry Brown’s Sacramento home.”

Brown has kept quiet about the Occupy Wall Street movement and recent student protests in California.

It has been so disconcerting for long-time Californians as we expected that we elected the old-time Liberal Jerry Brown.  But his policies and politics seem more and more conservative.  I am surprised he has not switched over to the Republican party.

I can accept fiscal conservatism especially in tough times, but Brown has gone far to the right in his politics as he has aged.

Read more at the link above.

And the University of California Board of Regents has rescheduled their November meeting to November 28th.

The Board had cancelled their meeting due to “threats of violence”.  I can’t imagine that is a new thing for the board.

For the meeting on the 28th the Board has decided to hold the meeting at four seperate University campuses (in San  Francisco, Los Angeles, Davis and Merced)  and connect them via teleconferencing.

Regents have expanded the time available for public comment, from 20 minutes to  one hour. Members of the public can attend the meeting at any of the four  locations.”
Read more at the link above.

November 22nd:

President Obama got met with a mic check during his speech today.  The President was also handed a note which read:

Mr. President:

Over 4000 peaceful protesters have been arrested. While banksters continue to destroy the economy with impunity. You must stop the assault on our 1st ammendment rights. Your silence sends a message that police brutality is acceptable. Banks got bailed out. We got sold out

Read more about Day 66 of the Occupation here.

November 25th:

Today we have a Black Friday March!

The March starts at 10:30 am PT from Ceasar Chavez Park.  Stand up for small local businesses, not the corporate 1% giants!

February 23, 2012:

Carmichael ‘Occupy’ supporter plans to challenge GOP Dan Lungren for the 7th Congressional District.

Mario Galvan, 64 is registered as “Decline to State” and says he was inspired to run for office by the Occupy Sacramento movement.

Galvan told The Bee in an interview that a central theme of his campaign will be his commitment to representing the views of districtresidents of all political leanings, promoting a “democracy that’s inclusive rather than adversarial.”

Our politics has become like a war, so polarized,” he said. “My candidacy offers an alternative in the form of direct democracy that invites everyone to part in the political decisions on an ongoing basis.”

 February 27th:
@OccupySacramento confronts a pro-white group at the California State Capitol.
”    A teenage girl was detained Monday outside the Capitol after police separated Occupy protesters from a group opposing black-on-white violence in South Africa….Activists with the Occupy group cursed at peace officers and about 40 mostly white men who were at the Capitol to draw attention to what they say is white genocide.Organizers for the South Africa Project said similar demonstrations were planned in other states and elsewhere in California.

“There is white genocide going on in South Africa. It’s a government-backed genocide,” said Kyle Krieger, a spokesman for the South Africa Project.”

We are not the only country with our share of racist assholes.  Good job @OccupySacramento



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