Posters For The Occupy Wall Street, Decolonize Wall Street, Unite & Act Globally Protests, The General Strike and The March On The Capitol

From Occupy Together, the beginnings of a directory of Occupy locations.  This will be linked and updated by the good folks at Occupy Together.

This post is strictly an opportunity for folks to find, save, use, print etc posters for the Occupy Wall Street , the Decolonize Wall Street, the Unite & Act Globally protests and the November 2nd General Strike.

I have seen a lot of posters over this last month but have not been collecting them so I don’t have too many now.

I will add more, so check back.  If you have other posters please comment here or Twitter me @zenDR.  Thank you.

This post will not contain information about what is going on at any of the protests nationwide

The BEST explanation of the Occupy Wall Street movement and in less than one minute, Former Congressman Alan Grayson (D)     see the video HERE.

If you are looking for information rather than posters, follow the right link(s) below.

You can find my original Occupy Wall Street in New York City post HERE which I continue to update.

I have also started a post covering updates about Occupy protests in other cities (except Sacramento) and you can find that post HERE

And a third post is HERE covering the Occupy events in Sacramento, California (my hometown).

The Decolonize Wall Street post is HERE.

The Unite and Act Globally post isfound HERE.

The original Occupy Wall Street poster:

Downloadable Posters are available in *pdf format HERE  from Occupy Together.  They have seven good posters today that you can use in any manner you see fit to help the causeThey also maintain a great list of all of the “Occupy” cities & towns across the country.  Check them out.

The following posters are from Occupy Together.

San Diego:  An early Occupy San Diego poster can be found HERE

You can purchase the Occupied Wall Street Journal newspaperInformation is at the link.

A great cartoon that was released at the start of the protest:

Decolonize Wall Street poster:

Unite and Act Globally poster:

October 12th:

A new site with Occupy Together Posters   they call it Documenting The American Spring Revolution:

Check it out at the link for more, but you can not download.  Downloads are HERE (strange but true)

here are a few.

Occupy Las Vegas has a Freemont Street protest poster in Spanish at the link.

This site has a lot of October 15th posters (and information).  Check it out!  The 2 posters below come from this site.

@OccupyTucson gives us a great Oct15 poster.


From  @OccupySacto, @OccupySacramento today we have this one for you:

Posters from the @OccupySacramento folks include:

U.S. General Strike poster:  A call has gone out for a General Strike in response to the police violence in Oakland, California.  The strike will be held oin Wednesday, November 2nd.

From @OccupyNashville we have the Silence poster thaat I have seen on a few other sites as well.

Another General Strike poster:

Thank you to all of the poster contributors!!

From Rich Black:

The March On The Capitol—–Saturday, November 5th

From Rat Report, @GrievanceBOT

November 9th:

The March on Washington started today with a small group of occupiers walking from New York City into Washington DC.  At some 20 miles each day they should arrive about November 23rd in time for the Congressional Super Committee meeting.

Occupy The Sign!!

For the Occupy Hope poster below:

This work has an uncertain copyright status. According to the author, “I’m still trying to work out copyright issues I may face with this image, but feel free to share it and stay tuned.”

December 2nd:

Our problem is HUGE while your problem is…

Revolution in Egypt!!

Occupy May Day, 2012




  1. Thank you, I will add the poster.


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