Lists Of Cities With Occupy Wall Street Protests

A lot of people try to find a list of cities that have Occupy Wall Street Protests.

Of course, the protests started in the home of Wall Street—New York City.  But it quickly spread to other cities all the way to the West coast, and new cities get added every day.

I have found two different attempts to keep track of all of the various cities hosting protests and I will provide you with the two best websites.

Note:  These are not my sites and I do not maintain them.  if you want to know more about an individual site, visit them and contact their webmaster.

If you want to provide updated information on a particular city or have a site add a new city, contact them with your information.  I am sure they will update their tool as soon as they can.

From Occupy Together, the beginnings of a directory of Occupy locations.  This will be linked and updated by the good folks at Occupy Together.

This is a good chart, formatted well and easy to follow.  You have to bump it up to like 200% to see it well, but that is because there is so much useful information.

This site lists by date, name, working group/committee, City/State, e-mail adress, contact phone # and website.

The Occupy Together website is at:



There are also sites outside of the U.S.  people are suffering everywhere.

A list of Occupy sites worldwide, called We All Occupy,  can be found HEREIt lists U.S., International, colleges,  and “Other” groups.

This list is also very complete  and gives you a Facebook page and/or website if it is available.

To submit information to be added to this #occupy list, please send e-mail to: or @ tweet them  at



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